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    Lack-of-fit for repeated measures

    Greetings, I'm looking to run a lack-of-fit test on repeated measures data. To summarize my problem, I want to test whether an eight-factor regression model fails to adequately predict 15 (nominal) condition means (measured in response times). Thus, each participant has an observed mean score...
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    Lack of fit meaning

    Hello! I am a researcher fellow in the chemical engineering area and recently applied experimental design to my experiments. However I am having trouble understanding the meaning and difference between coefficient of determination R2 and lack of fit. I have applied a Box-Behnken Design...
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    Lack to fit in bayesian beta regression model

    Hello! I have a question about beta regression model. I fitted a bayesian beta regression. - Coefficients are probabilistically (using the posterior distributions) different of zero. - Gelman-Rubin statistics (for each coefficient) are very close to 1. But, the bayesian p-value is very...