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    Introductory references about total least squares

    I am an engineering student and I've been recently told about the Total Least Square (TLS) method. I am interested in applying it to topographic measurements and in comparing the results with the ordinary least squares (OLS) solution. I've been searching a lot but I couldn't find any tutorial...
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    cov (yi, yi*)

    covariances least-squares regression solved delete
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    Please help me, Rationale of algorithm for estimating conditional variance

    Hi could could someone please help me understand this regression logic to find a conditional variance in a polynomial least squares regression ? X has dimension n*p, where each row had the form (1,Xi,Xi^2) initially, then each column is normalised Y = X beta + epsilon beta =...
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    Least Squares method relating to an equation

    I have been given 5 sets of data each at different temperatures measuring stress vs time in each set. The question is:1) Using the data above, estimate using the least squares technique, the following relationship between the tests conditions and time to failure. to.5j =...
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    Find F-Statistic with Least-Squares

    Hello, I've been attempting this question (by myself and with another friend) and we cannot figure it out. We are given the Least-squares estimate regression line of 0.846-0.079Ln(Time). The second part of this question asks: What is the value of the F-statistic in the ANOVA table. I've been...