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    2 or 3 level multilevel model? Quick query

    Hi there, The title should read 3 or 4 level multilevel model, my apologies. I am estimating a multilevel model (in Stata). My goal is to examine the effects of the explanatory variables on the country level. My data is clustered within age cohorts and then countries with years clustered...
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    Missing Level on linear model tests

    So I'm an R newbie, we're attempting to use it for some regression analysis at work on some of our data sets. To start we wanted to take a very simple data set that we had and attempt to fit a linear model to it. The problem that I'm running into is that once I import the data file and...
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    Significance Level Help

    The Suzuka Automotive Company claims that its Accent model gets the best gas mileage, in terms of miles per gallon (mpg), of any car on the market. More specifically, it contends that the Accent gets better mileage than the Hondo Slavic CPX model. To test this claim, Suzuka retains an...