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    Analyzing another phenomenon by collapsing different levels of a response variable with 3 levels

    If a response variable has three levels, could these variants be collapsed differently and obtain pertinent analyses? For example, if a response variable has the following three levels: - deletion of a segment; - addition of a segment; and - application of no rules. Could I develop two...
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    [Excel/SPSS] - How to compare group homogeneity (2 variables)

    Hey dear forum members, it's my first time here, so a big hello to everyone reading this. First of all, I hope my headline gave you a clear idea of what my problem is. The problem arose during my work for a seminar paper in linguistics for my teaching degree here in Vienna. DATA: I...
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    Frequency of category membership: help!

    Hello A group of people have completed a 'sentence sorting' task. They were given 100 different sentences, each containing the word 'over' and were asked to sort them into groups according to what they thought 'over' meant in all the sentences (working on the assumption that 'over' has more...