lmer mixed effects

  1. J

    How to extract coefficients corresponding to data from each time in a mixed effect model in R?

    I am not good at statistics and might have a naive question. Any help is appreciated. Here is the simplified question: Patients received two different vaccines twice and we collected their blood after each vaccination to measure antibody levels in the blood. There are other variables but here I...
  2. O

    Structure dataset for LMER-model

    Hi, I want to prepare my dataset for a LMER model conducted using Statsmodels in Jupyter Notebook. I have crossectional and longitudinal data, and have therefor been advised to use LMER. But I need help to understand how I should structure my collected data in a csv file. My dataset contains...
  3. S

    lmer set-up (t-test with covariate?) ?

    I have 139 subjects (ID), with measurements taken at two time points (Time1, Time2), at 148 brain regions, a dependent measure called volume, and a covariate called thickness. Each subject has 148 brain regions with volume and thickness measured twice I am trying to find out if there is a...
  4. C

    Specifying formula of lmer() function in R .

    Am I specifying my lmer model correctly ? Say I have one independent variable (X) at individual level and one independent variable (Z) at group level. Both are continuous variable . If the model is...
  5. C

    Example of lmer() function in R documentation .

    How is the following code working ? (fm1 <- lmer(angle ~ recipe * temperature + (1|recipe:replicate), cake, REML= FALSE)) In the formula of lmer : What does 1 before vartical bar , (1|recipe:replicate) , indicate ? How does "recipe:replicate" after vartical bar work ? I...
  6. M

    lme model with 3 categorical and 3 continuous variables - output coefficients?

    Hi, I have a regression model with: 3 continuous variables 3 categorical variables - taxon= 4 levels --> I get 3 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - continent= 5 levels --> I get 4 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - land cover= 2 levels --> I get both 2 coefficients in the MLM...
  7. geotheory

    Comparing Mixed Model results with OLS regression

    Hi there. I'm an inexperienced an entirely self-taught statistician fighting a huge deadline. I'd be most grateful for advice! Background: I've been working on fitting an HLM model that explores the spatial relationships between crime and socio-economic factors such as deprivation scores...
  8. drewmac

    Logit Mixed effects plot / binomial plot

    Solved - my mistake.