logistic regression

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    Logistic regression error message

    Hi everyone, I am currently investigating the bivariate association between educational level and political participation. For this I am using a logistic regression but I keep getting the error message " Logistic Regression - The dependent variable has more than two non-missing values. For...
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    ANOVA after logistic regression?

    I have fire incidences data with variables - seasons (summer & winter), time taken by fire truck to arrive (Early (<30 mins) and Late (>30 mins)), area (area code), small fire incident (1=Yes, 0=No), and big fire incident (1=Yes, 0=No). It has multiple observations recorded from multiple...
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    Odds ratio became different direction after adding other variables in the logistic regression model

    I am doing a logistic regression to test out the relationship between problematic behaviour and a number of variables e.g. self-centeredness, delinquent peers, childhood adversity and parenting. If I put "self-centeredness" alone into the model, it is But then, if I added other variables...
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    Logistic regression: question on deviance

    Does anyone know the answer to this question? I am assuming it is not model 1 since it has the highest residual deviance ..
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    Help with creating a model!?

    I want to create a model that assesses the effect of Drone usage (binary) in transporting medical samples to laboratories on Treatment Success (also binary). I was thinking: Dependent: TS = treatment success, so either successful or unsuccessful. Independent: TAT = turnaround time = the...
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    Logistic regression problem in R - Horse racing

    Hi All, My question probably spans a couple of thread topics with regards to the title but I decided to post my question in the R forum as its the program I am using. I am currently in the process of fitting a logistic regression model to horse racing outcomes (1 = Winner, 0 = Loser) given a...
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    Using logistic regression and z scores to predict the impact of the difference in two variables on a third

    Wondering if my logic and use of z-scores and logistic regression makes sense. I am doing research with outcome data from a psychological treatment program that works with adolescents. A similar survey to assess mental health functioning has been given to the adolescents participating in the...
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    Looking desperately for advice regarding the statistically correct analysis of dependent data in medical research

    Hello, my name is Andy and I am racking my brain with the following research question: Let's assume you are a surgeon who wants to remove a tumor which is exactly in the middle of the abdomen. The tumor is surgically accessible from a left flank approach or right flank approach in general...
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    How to Improve my Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Significance Value

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone here can help me. I'm making a model for my logistic regression. For the variables, I'm using 1 Dichotomous Dependent Variable (Financial Distresss, Y) and 2 Continuous Independent Variable (Corporate Governance Score, X and VAIC Score, Z). I'm using logistic...
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    Trouble understanding univariate logistic regression using categorical data

    Hello, I have a cancer dataset of 98 observations. Cancer detection rate was determined for 2 detection modalities (C and S). One of the independent variables of interest was a 3 tiered scoring system (possible scores: 3, 4, and 5). On univariate logistic regression, the score was...
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    Logistic Regression interpretation

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    Multivariate logistic regression?

    Hi! With my master thesis project, I only use categorical data. I have one independent variabele, with four categories. My dependent variables are dichotomous (yes/no). I would like to use logistic regression to calculate the odds that when the categories of my independent variable are...
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    How to do Interaction/Moderation in Logistic Regression?

    Hi guys, I need some help with my research. I want to research about the relationship between Corporate Governance (X1) (consists of many proxies, but are turned into a score, using factor analysis) which is a continuous IV and Financial distress (Y), which is categorical binary DV (1 is for...
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    Categorical dependent variable with four levels, and continous independent variables - what test do I use?

    I have a categorical dependent variable with four levels (level 1 mild to level 4 severe) and want to test the effect of two independent, continous variables on this. Normally, I would use multiple regression, but I heard that you have to use logistic regression (which I never used) if the DV is...
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    multivariable regression equation with interaction terms for difference-in-difference method

    I am doing a difference-in-difference analysis on a set of survey data for a health education program and I need to find statistical significance for the difference-in-difference estimate. I know that I find this using a regression. I need to use a regression in a mixed logistic model including...
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    LOGISTIC REGRESSION ASSUMPTIONS - linearity for categorical IV's

    Hi! I am going through the assumption for a logistic regression but I am stuck on making sure the 'IV is linearly related to the log odds'. My DV is dichotomous and all of my IV's are categorical (some binary, others with multiple groups). I am struggling to test this assumption on my data as...
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    Test effect of Zs on Y while X constant

    Hi, I have a very general (and slightly weird) question on assessing moderating/interaction effects. Here's the deal: I have a research question that focuses primarily on the effect of explanatory X on outcome Y, with a number of moderator variables Z that - so the hypotheses - influence X's...
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    Question on Logistic Regression

    Why do they call it logistic regression when the inverse of the Logit is what is modelled? or am I wrong? The inverse logit creates the sigmoidal curve where y max is 1 and y min is 0 and x can be from negative to positive infinity. I feel stupid for asking this. I believe I have it wrong...
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    Multivariate regression versus multivariable regression

    I am doing research to predict if alcoholism is an independent risk factor for bleeding after surgery. I will perform a univariate analysis with a chi squared test to know if other factors, such as age, sex, comorbidities,... are associated with an increased risk for postoperative bleeding...
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    Standardizing coefficients of Logistic Regression Model

    While I'm trying to interpret and use coefficients of Logistic Regression Model, there are two set of problems that I'm facing Standardizing and bringing to a common scale, all the coefficients? Handling both negative and positive coefficients even after standardization? To explain with an...