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    Its easy for you pros, but i need help anyways!

    I have a simple stats/probability question. I need a formula to calculate probability of death. Lets say 20% of people with cancer will die this year. and 2% of people without cancer will die this year. (d1=0.20, n1 =0.02) Also 5% of smokers will die this year, and only 1.5% of...
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    Logistic regression and correlation

    Hi I'm building an account management scorecard with logistic regression. Some of the variables have quite large correlations, but they get selected into the same model (thus the effect of the correlation does not explain all the variance). According to Siddiqi (Credit risk scorecards) the...
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    Logistic Regression using optim() give "L-BFGS-B" error, please help

    Dear R Users/Experts, I am using a function called logitreg() originally described in MASS (the book 4th Ed.) by Venebles & Ripley, p445. I used the code as provided but made couple of changes to run a 'constrained' logistic regression, I set the method = "L-BFGS-B", set lower/upper values...