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    Multiple Polynomial Regression in R

    Hi all, I need to do predict the values of some variables from a set of predictors. The variables I need to predict are called Y1 and Y2 belonging to Y. The predictors I have are X0, ..., X400 belonging to X. I tried to predict Y from X with several techinques (linear regression, lasso...
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    precision of two independent classifiers

    Consider two classifiers A and B giving binary labels to a big set of candidates, say, we have a million cats and a million dogs for labeling. Assume the two classifiers give independent predictions. Now if classifier A gives a list (500,000) of candidates that are most likely to be dogs (top...
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    Career change from signal processing to statistics

    Hope some of you can offer some advice here. I have a Ph.D. in statistical signal processing (part of electrical engineering) and I've worked for almost 15 years in the defense industry on digital communication systems. I'm currently working from home for a small company and the work is sort of...
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    Statistical Significance of a learning Model

    I built a learning model (for classification) based on a Random Forest classifier and i am asked to assess the statistical significance of its performances. Up to now, i trained and tested it on two different datasets A and B, respectively. What kind of test can i use?
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    finite Mixture of exponential in matlab

    Hi all can any body here help me with ((finite Mixture of exponential in matlab)) I want to simulate it in matlab or R for any given data ?
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    [Matlab] - Stratified Sampling of Multidimentional Data

    I want to divide a corpus into training & testing sets in a stratified fashion. The observation data points are arranged in a Matrix A as A=[16,3,0;12,6,4;19,2,1;.........;17,0,2;13,3,2] Each column of the matrix represent a distinct feature. In Matlab, the cvpartition(A,'holdout',p)...
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    Machine learning techniques for biomedical prediction

    Apologies for cross posting, I have a general question about why ML is not used more in translational research. I know that some/most bioinformaticians are aware of these approaches. Having now done some serious reading and got a bit of practice with WEKA, the relevant packages in R...
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    Advice on distance learning and grad schools

    Hello All, I would like to pursue further education in machine learning/ statistics. The most probable option for me would be to earn a distance learning degree. I have a background in mechanical and chemical engineering. For my masters degree I studied non-linear regression and a few...