1. A

    MANOVA Sig. Interaction but no Sig. simple main effects - How to proceed?

    Hi All, I'm running a study on delay discounting. My predictor variables are induction condition (stress vs. relaxation) and reward responsiveness (high vs. low). The dependent variables were proportion of immediate choices on two laboratory measures of discounting. I ran a MANOVA and got...
  2. G

    [JMP 9] Manova with controlling variables

    Hi there, Where (in which box) do I add control variables running a Manova (fit model) in JMP 9? Thank you gav
  3. J

    Pointers for a 2x2 Discriminant Analysis? Can you do multiple DAs on the same MANOVA?

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction for help on performing a DA on a two-factor (2 IVs each with 2 groups) design. I've got the 2-way MANOVA done and found a significant interaction term, and I was wondering whether there was a better way to handle the data other...
  4. Y

    Box's test in MANOVA

    Hi, I have run MANOVA with 3 groups in the independent variables and 8 variables for the dependent variables. I have 4, 5, 5 subjects in each group respectively. In the output, I get this message. Box's Test of Equality of Covariance Matrices is not computed because there are fewer than...
  5. P

    MANOVA: unequal group numbers and inverse transformation

    Hi! :wave: I'm helping my wife with stats for her dissertation. The basic setup: DVs: 15 response items on a personality test IV: 5 levels (different types of trauma) with hugely different ns for each level; n1=16, n2=13, n3=34, n4=21, n5=101 Straight MANOVA in SPSS was showing big...
  6. D

    Manova, covariates and corrected model - significant?

    Hi, I'm writing my dissertation that is in on thursday and I am very very desperate for some help for a statistics problem I am having. Anyhelp anyone can give me I would be soooo grateful for. Basically am testing whether people in different stages of change with regards to exercise remember a...
  7. S

    Questions about MANOVA and ANOVA??????

    I have a BUNCH of questions related to a study I posted few weeks ago. ANY help on ANY of them would really really be appreciated!!!! 1) Can I do MANOVA or ANOVA with 3 groups? If so, group would be an independent variable, correct? Would say I was doing a between group analysis or a across...
  8. spunky

    On the history of MANOVA's null hypothesis...

    hey everyone! this is kind of a different topic from the "how-to-analyze-my-data" questions, but i think it's kind of relevant. anyways, so my advisor brought in this question in our previous research meeting. it seems like people phrase MANOVA's null hypothesis in two ways: 1. the vector...
  9. W

    Can you have a significant 3 way interaction without a corresponding 2 way interactio

    Hi all, I have found a signficant 3 way interaction (X by Y by Z) using MANOVA, but do not have any significant 2 way interactions (X by Z -or- Y by Z) involving relevant factors; is this possible? If so, how? Thanks, Drew