1. hlsmith

    Bayesian MAP Estimates and Regression Assumptions

    I am new to Bayesian regression models. I am trying to learn how to assess regression model assumptions while within the Bayesian context. Much of the literature is about implementing Bayesian models, but little to no information on model assumptions. I am planning to get maximum a posteriori...
  2. M

    Powermap equivalent for R?

    I was blown away by Excel 365's Powermap capabilities: They change the map's projection on the fly, with data displayed! Plus the animation, smooth zooming etc... but anyway, I was looking for something in R that would simply let me plot bars on a...
  3. N

    Longitude Latitude Time Series Plot

    Hi All! I have been looking to find a package that will allow to plot time series longitude/latitude in a map with density and connecting lines. For example, if t=1 for (lon1,lat1) then circle of diameter 1 is plotted at lon1, lat1. if t=3 for (lon2,lat2) then circle of diameter 3 is plotted at...