marginal density

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    Marginal probability density and joint probability density functions

    Hi guys, if someone can help me with this homework i will aprecciated very much. I try to do the first one, but i only got de U=X and the V=X+Y. I have no idea of how to do the W=X+Y+Z, and therefore the points 2 and 3.
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    Joint density. Help!

    Let x and y have the joint density: f(x,y) = 6/7(x+y)^2 for 0<=x<=1 and 0<=y<=1 a.Find the marginal densities of X and Y. . b.By integrating over the appropriate regions, find: i)P(X>Y) ii)P(X+Y)<=1 iii)P(x>=1/2) For this one, I got the answer for part(i). That is 1-P(X<=Y). but...
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    Joint and Marginal Densities.

    I am having some problems grasping the concept of these joint and marginal densities. It would really help if someone could provide me with an answer for the following question: Find the joint and marginal densities corresponding to the cdf F(X, Y) = (1 - е^αx){1-e^βy), x > 0, y>0, α >...