markov chain monte carlo

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    Help with the statistics method

    Hello, I need your help in choosing the statistical method. I have a sample of patients who have had treatment. For some, the treatment induces an improvement, no change or regression. I would now like to determine from a multidue of variables, if there is a "typical profile" of patient to...
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    Options for deriving probability distributions of time-sequenced transition matrices when the data lacks the "memoryless" feature of a Markov chain?

    I have a dataset which I initially believed was suitable for running Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations, in that there is a finite number of readily identifiable states that all population elements fall into and traverse over time, elements transition from one state to another (or remain in...
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    Sampling in a bounded region by using a MCMC approach ensuring samples uniformity

    Hi everybody, tired of waiting any longer for your remarks. Thank you all. P.