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    merging partial duplicates

    merging partial duplicates (please help) Dear reader, I have a question in regards to preparing my dataset for research. I have a dataset in SPSS 20 in long format as I am researching on individual level over multiple years. However some individuals were added twice to my dataset because...
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    How to duplicate cases in one date set order to match the other before merging

    Hi! I have two data sets which I need to merge. 1) demographic data (=one ID per row) 2) Up to 5 duplicates of each ID with different entries per row. Now I can't just delete the duplicates in order to merge the sets as each entry in (2) is important. Also,the data is quite larger...
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    R Consulting Project

    Hi! I am looking for a consultant/tutor for a simple project in R that involves merging datasets. Is this a appropriate section to post in? I can pay via PayPal and work in google hangouts if possible. Please reply if interested!! Thank you!
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    Merging large two or three datasets with R

    Hi There, I'm very new in the R, and it's the first my post. I have several large datasets in excel (and also in text file), composed of 12 columns and about 50,000 rows. The column name is the same in different datasets, however, the cell contents not. I would like to merge several dataset...
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    Very new to R, need help in merging

    I have a dataset with 74 countries in one column and 74 (repeated) regions in next column. There are 4 levels for regions. I need to make a table of the number of countries per region. The regions should be listed in decreasing order of the number of countries. Next thing to do is: Identify...
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    Combining Duplicates (by row)

    Good morning, I have a file that has duplicated cases with both missing and different variable information. My file looks something like this: ID Sex School Grade Age Race 1234 F Wilson 8 11 Black 1234 Wilson 11 Black 4321 M...
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    Please Help! Need to merge variables ASAP for a research paper

    Hi! Please, please help! have a paper due in 8 days! and can't figure out how to work this out in SPSS. I am looking at whehter there is a relationship between unintended pregnancies (defined as the summation of mistimed and unwanted pregnancies) and experience with intimate partner violence...
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    problem merging 1:1

    Hello all, I'm trying to merge two data sets. Data 1 contains the following variables: interview date, household longitude and latitude, cortisone level. (each row is a respondent). Data 2 contains: longitude and latitude for entire country, rain levels by geographical coordinate from 2009...
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    How to merge two data sets in SPSS

    I have two data sets, one is the result of the survey, another one is secondary data obtained from the company. The amount of observations in both data sets is completely different. There is one variable that is present in both data sets - the country (where do the respondents of the survey...
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    Merging data in STATA, Panel Data problem. A real challenge!

    Hy! I have one database with companies who did a specific event on a specific date. I also have their company codes. Some of these companies are twice or more in this database because they did this event more then once during the observed period. In my second database I have other company...
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    How to estimate one coefficient for several independent variables?

    Hello, I want to make a regression in Stata with some of the independent variables constituting a dimension for which I want to estimate just one coefficient. So I somehow have to merge the variables into one variable or possibly a vector(?), but I have no clue how to do this. Can someone...
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    Merging three datasets with multiple instances of uniqe identifier

    I am attempting to merge three datasets that were passed down to me and I am at a bit of a loss. Two of the datasets contain results for psychological instruments and the third contains basic admission statistics. The final analysis goal for the merged dataset will be to examine the...
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    Merging Datasets

    Merging Datasets: Should I use a Many-to-Many Merge? Intro Thank you for taking the time to read this! I think my problem is complicated so I'll be detailed. Also, I do not know exactly what the solution will be, so the structure of my question might be convoluted. The Situation (in...