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    Normality tests for SAS

    Hi All, I just ran the PROC MIXED for outputting the residual error in SAS [TO CHECK FOR NORMALITY] I am wondering if I need to look at Shapiro-Wilk or Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests? My sample size is 217 [repeated at 3 time points]. So, when I check for the normality of the residual error, do I...
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    mixed model nested ANOVA

    I have been trying to run a three factor ANOVA in Statistica 8.0. My experimental design leads to nested, random and non-random factors: Site fixed factor Treatment (site) fixed factor Month random factor I have been unable to work out how this...
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    Linear mixed model analysis with unbalanced measurement time points

    I am interested in performing a linear mixed model analysis in SPSS 20.0. Specifically, I will be analyzing repeated measures data with several between and within variables, with varied time intervals. Problem is, some of the within-subject variables were not measured at all time points. For...