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    lme model with 3 categorical and 3 continuous variables - output coefficients?

    Hi, I have a regression model with: 3 continuous variables 3 categorical variables - taxon= 4 levels --> I get 3 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - continent= 5 levels --> I get 4 coefficients in the MLM output (OK) - land cover= 2 levels --> I get both 2 coefficients in the MLM...
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    Multilevel Linear Modelling Help

    Hi, I'm hoping someone with expertise with MLM/HLM etc might be able to help me. I recently conducted a transmission chain study looking at the impact of mood on production. The study involved participants reading a story and reproducing this story for another person. The second person read...
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    ANOVA/MANOVA for a complex data matrix

    Hi friends, I've got a data matrix with 140 rows and 5 columns. Each row represents a unique characteristic of the 5 different plant species. Idea is to model the regression by retaining only good performing characteristics (out of the total of 140) in the model. I tried to perform ANOVA...