moderated mediation

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    Moderated Mediation in STATA with SEM

    Hi! I’m in dire need of some urgent help! I’m trying to do a moderated mediation analysis in STATA with the following variables (see also the figure below): IV: Identity - Measured on scale from 1 to 5 DV: Torture Attitudes - Measured on scale from 1 to 7 Mediator: Perceived threat - Measured...
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    Missing Hayes Moderated (2) Serial Mediation (2) Model?

    I have Hayes' "Methodology in the Social Sciences - Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis A Regression-Based Approach (2018, Guilford Publications)" and have looked at all the model templates, but cannot find the one that I need. I have pieced together with...
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    Power analysis for moderated mediation (and a small research design question)

    Hello guys! I am doing research on the effect of a specific medicine, quantified by dosage, on specific feelings (to be called; SF), mediated by feelings of connectedness, in which the relationship between the medicine and SF (X - Y) ánd the relationship between medicine and connectedness (X -...
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    Is it possible to test this moderated multiple mediation model?

    Dear friends, For my masterthesis I want to test the following model. The effect of transformational leadership on learning motivation. Mediators are the three basal needs of the selfdetermination theory. So there are multiple mediations. These mediations are moderated by perceived workload...
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    Moderated Mediation Hayes PROCESS Model 7 Questions

    I am working through a dataset and have a few questions about some of the output: In a moderated mediation (Model 7), does the direct effect of X on Y need to be significant? (I know it's not required in mediations, but I'm not sure about moderated mediations)...
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    Moderated Mediation Model using PROCESS

    Hello, I am running a moderated mediation model using PROCESS macro in SPSS and a bit confused with the results. The interaction of IV and moderator on the mediation was significant. The index of moderated mediation was also significant. However, both of the conditional indirect effects...
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    Which method?

    Hello friends of statistic, first of all - sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother language :( ... Here is my problem. I have to make a study about helping behavior and I'm not sure which method I have to use. Scenario: A man with (low/high) status is helping (public/private shown). My...
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    interpreting ModMed results

    Can we interpret ModMed results if our indirect effect is significant (Class Intervals don't include zero) but our interactions are not significant (CI includes zero)? Please may you guide me to an article which I can quote w.r.t your response? Thanks in advance!
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    Moderated Mediation when Independent Variable is also the moderator

    I have a question on a special case of moderated mediation... I want to compare some effect sizes of: a "simple moderation model" with a "moderated mediation model in which the IV is also a moderator". I don't have data yet. But I want to know if the betas (effect sizes) explained in...