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    interaction continuous*dummy:possible to treat continuous variable as the moderator?

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here so please be kind to me :) . For my thesis my aim is to run a moderation analysis between organizational commitment and training. My dependent variable is job satisfaction. Org.commitment comes from 4 5-point likert-items, therefore I calculated the...
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    Dyadic repeated measures with moderation - how to analyze?

    Hi, I want to test the effects of the emotions expressed in private online chats between males and females (dyadic chats) on the female's satisfaction from the chat. And to test how some factors may moderate these effects (for example, the length of the chat or the topic of the chat). I...
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    Can you help me decide if there is statistical significance here?

    Hi, I've attached a word file - it contains exam results. There were two sessions - one AM and one PM. . I am trying to work out if there is a statistical significance between the achievement of the AM and PM groups and whether moderation should have occurred here? Can anyone help? I have...
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    Moderating effects in structural equation models

    Hello, first, I want to apologize if I'm opening this thread in the wrong folder etc. I just registered here and I'm a bit confused still. I'm having trouble interpreting moderation effects in a structural equation model. We're regressing antisocial behaviour (four latent factors) on...
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    Interaction between a time-varying and a time invariant variable? (Panel regression)

    Hi everyone, I have got a question regarding the specification of interaction effects in panel regressions (fixed effects within estimators). I would like to know: Can I create an interaction-term between a time-varying and a time-invariant variable? Some background: My data is from...
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    Mplus code for testing mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation type hypotheses

    79 different model configurations gradually being added here, with diagrams, equations/algebra for calculating effects, and Mplus code for testing conditional indirect and direct effects Enjoy!
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    Interaction significant but simple slopes not significant?

    I have run a forum search and an internet search, and tried posting this question on other forums, but have been unable to find an answer to my specific problem. My question concerns interpretation of simple slopes generated from moderation analysis. I have conducted a moderation analysis as...
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    Is here a moderation (when b coefficients are nonsignificant)?

    I am trying to check if the relationship between X and Y is a moderated by M. Model is: Y = X + XX + M + XM + XXM X - independable, M - moderator, Y - dependable. Variables are continuous and normal. First I multiply, then center the variables (I hope it is right). Then run reggresion...
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    PROCESS or regression?

    Hi, I am a bit confused about this problem. I would appreciate if i could get some help. Conduct the analysis necessary to answer the following question: There is a well-known positive relationship between number of hours spent self studying and marks. Previous research has thus...
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    Multiple-testing correction in Moderation analyses

    Hi Everyone! In an exploratory attempt, I ran 35 moderation analyses (both 2-way and 3-way interactions) of which 7 were significant. NOw the reviewer is warning me about false positives and prompting to run some statistical check that would help to identify those. I tried the conservative...
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    Could someone please help me create this graph for a moderation?

    Hey guys, I'm just doing some stuff on moderation and watched an Andy Field video for some help, he's always so useful! In watching it I spotted this graph he had produced and it looks more interesting and a bit different to a standard scatterplot and wondered if anyone could guide me how to...
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    Logit regression interaction/moderation: what to do about it?

    Hi all! I have a multivariable logit regression model that has two terms showing two-way interaction (the interaction also makes biological sense.) So what am I to do about it? Do I just mention it in my findings? Do I remove one of the variables? (How do I decide which one?) I...
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    Statistical Analysis help for thesis - Correlation, Probit, Tobit and Moderation

    Hello Talkstats users! I am writing here cause I need some guidance on my statistical analysis which has turned out far too complex for my basically begineer stats skills and my self research. Before I ask my specific, I will give some background to my work. The scope of my analysis is to...
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    Moderation Analysis through Process by Andrew Hayes and SPSS regression analysis

    Hello all, I need help analyzing some data for a moderation analysis. I have a continuous variable (predictor), Exhaustion, a continuous outcome, "Social Loafing" (coded 1, work alone, 2, work in a pair, or 3, work in a group--it's really an ordinal variable), and a continuous variable...
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    Do i need to correct for family wise error when doing moderation and mediation?

    Hi, I've been analyzing data for moderating and mediating relationships and am wondering how necessary it is to correct for family wise error in moderation and mediation analysis. I have read arguments for and against correction for family wise error in the literature. My moderation/mediation...
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    Interaction or moderation effect - suitable method for analysis?

    I have run a two-way between groups ANOVA to analyse my data. However, I have one more variable, which is not one of the factors in the ANOVA. I want to see how this variable interacts with one of the factors. I predicted that it will be a moderator. This variable is measured based on scores...
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    Interaction/Moderation effect in ANOVA - variable is not one of the factors

    I am running an univariate ANOVA in SPSS to test my hypotheses for my 3x2 between subjects design experiment. The factors for the ANOVA are review valence (3 levels) and presence of brand (2 levels). I want to see how these factors affect purchase probability. I also gathered data for the...
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    Interaction/moderation effect in ANOVA - variable is not one of the factors

    I am running an univariate ANOVA in SPSS to test my hypotheses for my 3x2 between subjects design experiment. The factors for the ANOVA are review valence (3 levels) and presence of brand (2 levels). I want to see how these factors affect purchase probability. I also gathered data for the...
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    interpreting simple slopes even if interaction effect is insignificant?

    Hello, Can we interpret simple slopes or Johnson-Neyman even if our interaction effect is not significant? If yes, then how? Also, what do we do with Data for visualizing conditional effect of X on Y? My results are listed below. Thanks in advance! *********. Model = 1 Y = qoltot...
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    Moderation analysis with a qualitativo moderator

    Hi! :) How can I analyse a moderating effect in SPSS 20 if I have a qualitative moderator variable? :confused: I already have my dummy variables for moderator variable. Thank you so much in advance! :tup: