multi-level data

  1. L

    Multilevel model with crossed random effects - does this model make sense?

    I have a complex design and haven't found similar examples online. I'd really appreciate any views on the way I modelled it. At a first stage, 19 editors improved the wording of 41 sentences - all editors saw all 41 sentences. At a subsequent stage, 3 judges assessed the quality of the edited...
  2. L

    Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Can you do multilevel CFA in AMOS? I have nested data (people in groups aka students in classes) and would like to do a CFA. I know that you can conduct MCFA in MPLUS but I have AMOS. I've tried searching and can't seem to find an answer....which may mean no but would like some confirmation. Thanks.
  3. P

    Multi-level models: xtmixed vs. xtreg, re

    Hi all, I am dealing with a panel and multi-level data. Specifically, I have data (prices, etc...) related to numerous items (each identified by a unique id) within a product category in a given period. The measurements for the same item are repeated several times in this period: that is, for...
  4. L

    Multilevel model of school data

    Hi, I have a model I am working with to estimate 6 grade test scores from a sample of students who were in a school district from K-6. I am using both Stata and MLWIN to compare results. The ICC from the random intercept model is around .15, so there is school level variance to explain. I have...
  5. P

    detecting a variance trend in random effects

    Greetings I have a measurements on grouped individuals. There are approximately 100 groups, and approximately 500 individuals per group, with measurements taken over 5 years. There are no repeated measurements. The data are observational. The outcome is binary and there are 5 candidate...
  6. Lazar

    Quantile regression in R

    Hi All, Long time since I have been on. New forum look is quite nice. So I have been doing a set of quantile regression models using the QuantReg package. I have two questions in this regard: 1. I have clustered data, is there a pre-existing function to implement block bootstrapping in...