multiple linear regression

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    Multiple Regression

    I have been given a college assignment and need to interpret these results (see attached). From what I can understand, the Annual Personal Outcome is the DV and there are several IVs (i.e gender, sexual orientation etc.). As such, has a multiple linear regression been conducted here? I'm...
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    Compare independent variables among different models with same dependent variable

    Hello, I am running three multiple linear regression models. In all three, the dependent variable is the democracy index score of a range of countries over several years that the EU has agreements with. I use three independent variables in each model. Two of those are the same in each model: a...
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    Linear regression analysis

    Hi all, I am having problems with analysis. I want to perform a multiple linear regression. 1). The dependent variable and all but one of the independent variables is normally distributed. I was made aware that the independent variables don't have to be normally distributed to use it for a...
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    Multiple Linear Regression: to split or not the data

    Hi all, I'm currently modelling running performance using multiple linear regression. The data has GENDER and AGE as inputs amongst others, the target is RACE_TIME. I've partitioned the data into training and test for cross validation purposes. I've tried a couple of approaches 1) to generate...
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    Design principle Parameter vector multi linear regression

    Hi all, Can someone please describe to me the construction principle of testing the parameter vector B (beta) in the multiple linear regression model? Many thanks in advance! Regards Max
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    SPSS Regression - Independent Variable excluded

    Hello, I was running a linear multiple regression as well as a logistic multiple regression in SPSS. After that when looking at the results, I realised that in each regression, one independent variable was automatically excluded by SPSS. Did we do something wrong here or what do we have to do...
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    Multiple Linear Regression results

    Hi guys, I've run a hierarchal multiple linear regression with two predictors and one outcome variable, however I don't understand my results. I've found predictor A to be a significant predictor for my outcome variable alone. However, when both my predictors are in the model, predictor A is...
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    Constant not sig. in multiple regression - does it matter?

    I did a hierarchical multiple linear regression in SPSS with three predictor variables. All the variables have high F-values and are highly significant at each step of the model, but the constant is not significant (0.079) in the last step. Should I disregard all the results just because of...