multiple regression

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    Make predictions with standardized coefficients

    Hello, I've been struggling with a problem since a while, hopefully someone here could help me out. The problem: I want to use the coefficients from a previous research to make a prediction equation. The problem is that the paper only lists the standardized (beta) coefficients of the...
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    Correlation of three continuous variables with no predictor

    Hello talkstats! Thank you for existing, I found many answers here and the fact that there are people willing to help you with the stats is great! :tup: I will first explain my experimental design and then ask the question. I have 10 animals from which I took 3 organs. On each organ I...
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    Help with multiple regression analyses for attachment data

    Hi all, Would appreciate it if anyone could direct me with some really helpful info with regard to the subject matter. I've a dataset of ECR data and I should be getting 2 scores on the anxiety and avoidance dimensions. Question is, I don't know where to go from there. Thanks guys...
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    Interpreting Multiple Regression vs Correlation

    Hi, I'm analysing the results to a satisfaction survey. I want to work out the key drivers of satisfaction so I'm using a question relating to overall satisfaction as my dependent variable and other satisfaction questions such as satisfaction with cost and product features as independent...
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    Linear R^2 Values as Percent Weights for Multiple Variable Formula?

    Hey guys, Statistics is not my strong suit.. The closest I've been to statistics is a college level Biology II class I took three years ago.. But I'm trying to learn. I have a website and two mobile apps where I've been collecting data from people for the past 5-6 months and would like to...
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    Interpretation of coefficient differences across sample groups (please help!?)

    Hello! Before I start the whole story, I am going to sumamrize my main question beforehand so the story will hopefully make more sense. Mainly, I want to now how to interpret the results of a regression which I ran in a manner requested by my professor. Next, I would want to know how to...
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    Mallows Cp selection

    I am using the best subsets method in Minitab to select the best parameters for a multiple regression, but I'm a bit confused on Mallows Cp. Some sources I've read say to go with the best adjusted R2 that has the smallest Mallows Cp statistic, but other seem to say to go with the Mallows Cp...
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    question on complete confounding and partial confounding in multiple regression

    While learning multiple regression, I once meet the concepts of “complete confounding” and “partial confounding” In the model, the response variable is referred to as Y. There have two predictor variables: X1 and X2. With respect to the complete confounding, the correlation between X1 and X2 is...
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    Venture Capital methodology

    Hi, and apologies beforehand of what might become a wall of text. We are working on a project to define value drivers in VC-firms, where we might get access to cash flows from individual projects that a number of VC-firms have invested in. What we want to figure out is which activities...
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    Regression Help! to predict performance using the output of questionaire

    Hi All, Somebody pl. helpe me in the brlow case, As a part of academic project, im intrested in measuring performance of purchase dpeartment in a company. So i have developed a questionaire and made them answer. Now i have to use some statistical tool may be regression analysis to find the...
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    Multiple Regression and Confounding Factors

    I am working on my thesis project which involves analyzing whether a dichotomous independent variable has an effect on a continuous dependent variable, however there are a number of potentially confounding factors that may affect this relationship. How do I go about doing a multiple regression...
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    Significant regression coefficient vs. significant overall model

    Hi everyone, I have rather a simple question but for some reason have not been able to find a clear answer. My apologies if I have missed a previous answer in my searching. Here is my question: What does it mean if you have a highly significant regression coefficient for a predictor, but...
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    Cox regression model in survival: is it a multiple or multivariate type regression?

    Hi, I have seen in quite a few publications where cox regression is used and results are presented as "multivariate analysis showed .... ". On the other hand if it is a multivariate technique, can we talk about independent variables? As an example: "On multivariate analysis, XX risk factors...
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    Categorical variables and interaction in MLR

    Would it be correct, to add in multiple linear regrression interaction between two categorical variables (i transformed them - dummy variavles) with coding 0 and 1?
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    Multiple Regression: How to obtain VIF values from correlation coefficient

    I understand that VIF = 1 / (1-R^2) If I only have the parameter estimates table with the intercept, X1, and X2 and also the correlation coefficient between X1 and X2, how can I calculate VIF for X1 and X2?
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    Logistic Regression and Multiple Regression

    Hi, Please could you help me (or direct me to someone who can help me) with the following: I have a spreadsheet with a number of environmental independent variables (e.g. slope, radiation, etc.) with dependent variables (presence absence and densities of two plant species Ls and Ee). MY...
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    Variable selection for multiple regression analysis

    Hi everybody there. I want to correlate 2 main variables (say "a" Dependant and "b" independent of course) BUT at the same time i want to add 5 other independent variables ("c,d,e,f,g") also in the correlation. So principally, its a multiple regression. One way of doing that is step wise...
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    Multiple Regression, I think!

    Hey guys, I'm a third year psychology student about to write up the results section to my dissertation and I'm very confused! My study looks at the effects of LoC, perceived stress, neuroticism and extraversion on humour as a coping mechanism. So I think this is a multiple regression kinda...
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    Automated multivariate nonlinear regression

    I have 4,300 lines of data that looks like this in each column: IV1, IV2, IV3, DV1, DV2 It has five columns, three are IVs, two are DVs. How can I perform multivariate nonlinear regression on all 4300 lines of data to see how the IVs affect each DV automatically with a program?
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    Stepwise Regression

    When a variable is added and then removed in stepwise regression, what happens to the proportion of the variance it explained?