multiple regression

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    Multiple Regression: How to obtain VIF values from correlation coefficient

    I understand that VIF = 1 / (1-R^2) If I only have the parameter estimates table with the intercept, X1, and X2 and also the correlation coefficient between X1 and X2, how can I calculate VIF for X1 and X2?
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    Logistic Regression and Multiple Regression

    Hi, Please could you help me (or direct me to someone who can help me) with the following: I have a spreadsheet with a number of environmental independent variables (e.g. slope, radiation, etc.) with dependent variables (presence absence and densities of two plant species Ls and Ee). MY...
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    Variable selection for multiple regression analysis

    Hi everybody there. I want to correlate 2 main variables (say "a" Dependant and "b" independent of course) BUT at the same time i want to add 5 other independent variables ("c,d,e,f,g") also in the correlation. So principally, its a multiple regression. One way of doing that is step wise...
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    Multiple Regression, I think!

    Hey guys, I'm a third year psychology student about to write up the results section to my dissertation and I'm very confused! My study looks at the effects of LoC, perceived stress, neuroticism and extraversion on humour as a coping mechanism. So I think this is a multiple regression kinda...
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    Automated multivariate nonlinear regression

    I have 4,300 lines of data that looks like this in each column: IV1, IV2, IV3, DV1, DV2 It has five columns, three are IVs, two are DVs. How can I perform multivariate nonlinear regression on all 4300 lines of data to see how the IVs affect each DV automatically with a program?
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    Stepwise Regression

    When a variable is added and then removed in stepwise regression, what happens to the proportion of the variance it explained?