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    Stattistical test for multiple reponses

    Hi to everyone, I ran a survey and one question was to indicate which accommodation (hotels, apartment, b&b, ...) respondents prefer when travelling. Thery were allowed to select more than one option. The survey was completed by two different groups: university students and workers aged 25-35...
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    Multiple response set - is it possible to combine dichotomy and category responses?

    Hi, I am analysing questionnaire data in SPSS and looking to create a multiple response set for a question I posed. However the question contains 5 set options and an 'other' option with the option to add text. I have made the set but it doesn't give the option to include the 'other'...
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    Limited multiple response data - analysis and sample size calculation

    Hello all, I am a relative novice at statistics and have run into a problem working out how to analyse some data I will hopefully soon be acquiring. I would appreciate advice. The data What I want to do is compare the responses of a survey question of two groups of subjects to see if...
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    When to use Bonferroni

    I am working with a mark-all-that-apply survey question that has 8 categorical response options. I am comparing responses statistically between two groups (dependent variables). 1. Are Bonferroni corrections supposed to be made only when you are comparing multiple groups, or does the number...
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    transforming multi-response questions into several single response questions

    Hello! I would really appreciate help on the following task. Data I have two multiple response sets of 10 variables each - which belong together. - The first set contains up to 10 smartphone apps the respondent was able to indicate whether he/she is using (value labels range from 1 to 23, one...
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    multiple response tables

    I have a multiple response variable: race=participants can select more that one race. race1 race2 race3 so on I need to create a table in excel. I do not want to copy and paste every table from stata into excel. Is there a way to tab all these varable at once in one table? Thank you...
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    multiple-response frequencies

    Should frequency tables for multiple response questions be calculated based on total number of respondents or total number of responses?
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    multiple-response categorical variables - what is "n", chi-squared

    Hello, I am doing independence checks (chi-squared tests) on two variables. One of the variables is of the interval nature and the other is a multiple-response categorical variable. Couple of questions: 1. What is "n"? The number of respondents, or the number of responses, or...
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    Multiple response variable missing

    If I have a multiple response variable and none of the categories is checked, the subject should be coded as missing right? EX Race RWhite RBlack RChinese ROther Participants can choose more than one option. 1=check 0=not check. If a participants did not check any of the categories...
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    Need help with SPSS20 - to add points for each question and how to enter multiple ans

    I am working on my undergraduate project and struggling with SPSS 20. If some person could have a quick look at what I have done so far, I would be soo grateful. And I also like to know I got 30 question out of which 23 questions have strongly agree(5 points) to strongly disagree(1 point) so...
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    Need Help with Multiple Response Question

    Hi, Does anyone know how to analyze a multiple response question and obtain results per respondent? For example a question like this: Which sports do you play? (please select all applicable options) 1. Tennis 2. Basketball 3. Swimming 4. Soccer So each respondent can choose all...