1. jpkelley

    Graphic placement via locator() in R

    Hi all, I know the likelihood of such a feature is abysmally low, but does anyone know of a package in R that allows creation of composite images via the locator() function? I'm final with viewport and facet capabilities, but I'm curious if I can create irregularly (i.e. non-grid) arranged...
  2. R

    Loading Data from Multiple files and saving same graph produced from each file.

    Hi, I'm new to R and programming. I don't really know where to start on this. What I'd like to accomplish is having R open a file containing my seperate file names (all .csv files), and then load one file at a time, and produce the same graph from it, and saving it as a pdf but with the same...
  3. P

    Partial regression plots in R

    Hey guys, I'm slowly converting myself from an SPSS user to an R user. I'm running a pretty basic multiple regression model and want to produce partial regression plots to view the relationship between each predictor and the response, when the other predictors are controlled for. In SPSS this...