multivariate regression

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    Which non-parametric(?) test? 2 groups, 4 dependent v, 2 control v

    Dear all, I would like to compare two groups (treatment: yes/no) at one point of time (end of the program) on four dependent variables (of which two seem to correlate with each other). Additionally, I have two control variables (which I suppose moderate the effect of treatment). I have roughly...
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    Multivariate regression on 11 patients

    It might have sens to perform a multiple linear regression on 11 patients to understand if the symptoms influence the speed of growth?
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    Multivariate Linear Regression

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to do a multivariate linear regression, I have 3 dependent variables with 2 separate time points for each, how do I condense this into three variables so that I can look at the time points together.
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    Regression with Continuous and Dummy Independent Variables

    Dear Colleagues, I am running a multivariate linear regression analysis but got stuck with this situation. I have one dependent variable (which is continuous) and several independent variables. Three of them are continuous and three of them are dummy variables (they have values of 1 and 0)...
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    Multivariate regression in R

    Hello, I am not sure what to use in R. I need to find out if a variable (y) affects data from multiple sites. Readings are taken at say 3 sites every hour, each time a reading is taken so is one for the Y variable. So I have x', x'', x''' and Y for each line of data. Is this multivariate...
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    Multinomial logit / time-series fixed effects / multivariate regression: Which one?

    As part of a larger study, we have collected a wealth of data on the interactions customers engage in when buying and using a service. Particularly, we have distinguished this process into 8 phases that tend to - but are not necessarily - sequential. Also, not all customers experience all 8...
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    Help Needed: Multivariate Regression Using R

    I am testing the a couple of CAPM based models for my dissertation, and I have a healthy amount of stocks to regress, 5000 according to my last calculations, they’d have to be done as 75 stocks at a time, (in a portfolio). The number makes it an unrealistic task to accomplish manually, I have...
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    finding the best fit and removing outliers with MARS regression

    I using the regression method called `MARS`, in `R` is it called `earth` and is located in the package `earth`, in order to find the best regression model for my datat. I know that this method is suitable for large data-sets, can handle `NA` and also decides which variables will be used and...
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    MLE and vector generalized linear models

    Hello and thank you very much for your time I am working to simultaneously (multivariate) regress 'A' and 'B' parameters from matched observations of predictors (I have an 'A' and 'B' for each set of predictors and all are continuous random variables). The 'A' and 'B' parameters are...
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    R-Squared Change - Multivariate Multiple Regression

    Hello everyone, I've been asked to conduct a multivariate multiple regression with multiple DVs (3 measures of a dependence construct) predicted by a set of IVs (4 variables of a tolerance construct). However, what I'm broadly interested in is whether these tolerance variables are predictive...
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    Multivariate Multiple Regression - multivariate tests

    Hi guys, I need to really understand Wilks' Lambda, Roy's greatest root and other multivariate tests but IN THE CONTEXT OF MULTIVARIATE MULTIPLE REGRESSION(more than one response variable, with same design matrix (independent variables)), not manova nor discriminant analysis. I haven't found...
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    How to analyze data with more than one associated categorical dependent variables?

    I have some dependent variables related to the growth of a company having categories like (e.g. for variables indicating net profit, financial turnover etc.) (1) decreasing, (2) stable, (3) increasing and (4) rapidly increasing. Now these variables are associated and ordinal in...
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    Regression with some associated ordinal dependent variables

    I have some associated categorical dependent variables that are ordinal in nature (with 4 or 5 categories). If I want to see the effect of a set of independent variables (which can be both continuous and categorical) what is the right way to perform the regression? Should that be a...
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    Multivariate Regression proble with two many vairbale and SPSS won't run it

    High, I have two sets of variables 6 each. SPSS gives me data overflow error. I am not sure how to solve this. I have taken one set of variables and did a PCA which reduced them to two factors. Can I do this? My logic is that the components actually give me good information. Any advice is...
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    Multivariate Regression vs Canonical Correlation

    I know the difference between correlation and regression, however, I'm a little confused with the difference between Canonical Correlation (CCR) and MultiVARIATE Regression (MVR) (>1 DV). Seems like little info is available about the usage of MVR and a lot more available for CCR. Seems also that...
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    Using Cox multivariant regression!

    Hi I am trying to do Cox multivariate regression analysis in a project where I am trying to identify predictors of a particular disease using variables such age, X- ray findings, and other identified known risk factors, and I am wondering how to perform such an analysis using excel, or even...
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    Multivariate Regression - Percent Contribution to R^2

    I'm running a multivariate regression in Stata 12 SE that regresses six different groups of independent variables onto my dependent. Each group has a few dummy variables within it, ex: Socioeconomic Status includes income, education, occupation, etc. I want to be able to show how much each...
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    How to do a industry comparison?

    Hello everyone, I am really new to statistical analysis and Stata so I might have a question which could sound too dumb, but I still hope that someone can help me. I don't know how to use dummy variables... So basically I have a list of different returns, each return is from one...
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    Worked example needed "Standard Error of Coefficient" Multivariate Regressionl

    Dear Experts, I need an example which will facilitate the programming of t-Statistics for the various regression coefficients in multiple regression. The specific part of this task that I am having trouble doing is calculating the standard error of the regression slope. There is a good...
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    unrestricted cumulative probit model with vglm()---extend to a multivariate setting?

    Hello. I'm trying to fit a multivariate, unrestricted cumulative probit model. I've had success in fitting a proportional odds probit model using polr(method="probit") in the MASS package and the unrestricted cumulative probit model using vglm(cumulative(link="probit)) in the VGAM package...