negative binomial model

  1. R

    Zero inflated negative binomial regression interpreting main and interaction effects

    I am running a zero inflated negative binomial model (zinb) and want to interpret the main and interaction effects. I have the following: People decide whether to purchase a good during a given week and I have their final purchase quantity (Min qty = 0 units and Max qty = 10 units observed...
  2. A

    SAS GLIMMIX subject specific estimates

    I am trying to analyze a dataset where each subject has 12 repeated measures (quarterly, over 3 years). I want to extract subject specific estimates of the time slope to evaluate if the subjects are changing significantly over time. The code I currently have consistently suggests that each...
  3. kiton

    Adressing endogeneity in panel count models

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  4. P

    Interpreting negative binomial regression with log transformed independent variables

    My independent variables were highly skewed, so to normalise the distribution they were log transformed. Also since there were zeros in the data, I've added + 1 to transform the variables. This is what the model looks like (negative binomial regression): Dependant_var ~ log(Independent_var_1 +...
  5. B

    Overthinking a 'simple' count variable analysis over time

    Hello everyone. New member, hoping I will be able to contribute and help out! I have been working on this for about 5 days, and gotten to the point where my brain is going in circles. Hopefully you can help me understand what type of analysis this requires. I am conducting what should be...