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    Bootstrap procedure to test difference between correlation coefficients

    Hi everyone, I have two correlation coefficients (r1 and r2), obtained within the same sample (20 subjects). My aim is to test it they are significantly different. r1 is the correlation between a neurophysiological parameter and a behavioural parameter in condition A; r2 is the correlation...
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    Can you perform an ANOVA on r-values (correlation values)?

    Hi all: This may be a simple question but... I'm doing neuroimaging research and long story short, I am doing what is essentially a correlational analysis wherein my output is a brain's-worth of r-values (so like 15000 voxels worth of r-values). In this particular study I had 3 groups and I...
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    4 Vowel Intensities, Amplitude Spectrum of EEG - Multiple Logistic Regression?

    I have EEG recordings of the neural response to speech (a male vowel with a fundamental frequency of 100Hz). The vowel was presented to each subject (n=15) at four different intensities (55dB, 65dB, 75dB, and 85dB), and I ran FFTs and pulled the amplitude at all of the harmonics of the...