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    Stupid post for a newbie. There is a premade table. How do I know which gender is which number?

    It's on the red rectangle. ''Sex = gender''. I saw on a tutorial that if I clicked on Data View and then on Value Labels the numbers of each cell (0 and 1) would turn back to their original ''name'' (female and male). It's not working. How do know who is 0 and who is 1?
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    New to the world of statistics

    Hi folks :) I'm hoping I can get some help through this forum as I am new to the world of statistics and data analysis. There's a wealth of videos online but it's better to be able to talk these things through with people. :) Cheers
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    Greetings From NY

    I'm in the process of starting a business and i'm looking to develop an online advisory board. Anyone have any knowledge and experience in the business, entrepreneur, restaurant industries?
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    non-parametric data for reference ranges

    Hello, I am very new to statistical analysis, but am very excited to to be learning it. I am working on finding reference ranges for some mammalian blood work. I hope this is the appropriate place to post my query, otherwise, my apologies. I have successfully found my reference ranges...
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    chi-square, regr.analysis, help please!

    Hi to all! I am answering some statistics questions from the course I have in statistics, and have some problems answering them. I thought somebody from the forum will volunteer to help, if s/he can, as I have to submit the answers to my teacher as soon as possible. 1. One of them is: whether a...