1. M

    Can I use chi-square for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    Can I use chi-square test of independence if one variable is nominal and the other is ordinal, or do both have to be nominal?
  2. U

    Categorical or Continuous ?

    Hello everyone, I have done an experiment in Ergonomics and now I'm dealing with the analysis. It's about a manual lifting task and heart rate recovery time. I have one main response which is heart rate recovery in minutes (obviously continuous), and three Indep variables: weight of the...
  3. A

    Expert Help Required - Multiple Regression with Nominal and Scale Variables

    Hi all, I'm having huge issues with the assumptions of multiple regression and determining whether I am running my analysis correctly. First of all, I have eight different predictors and one outcome variable. The idea is to determine whether each variable is a significant predictor of the...
  4. S

    Nominal & Ratio Variables: How to correlate?

    The following is the hypothesis I'm trying to work with: "Students who do not achieve at least 70% in high school English will not pass a college admissions test." I was given a dataset with over 800+ high school English grades expressed in percentages. The dataset also includes whether each...
  5. S

    SPSS: Which chi-square test should I use for one nominal and one ordinal variable?

    My hypothesis is Gender and opinion on smoking is associated. I am using a likert scale (Strongly disagree..strongly agree) for the statement 'Smoking makes you look cool'. In SPSS, I have coded gender as nominal and the opinion as ordinal. I have to use a chi-square test but dont which box...
  6. D

    ANOVA or Chi Square for Nominal Non Parametric Data

    Dear TalkStat Forum members, I was hoping to get some advice over whether I am using the appropriate test for data that I have. The notes of 70 patients were analysed and 2 variables (documentation of postive symptoms yes/no and negative symptoms yes/no) were noted on 4 occasions. An...
  7. R

    Multivariate regression on nominal data

    I have a database of patient data and I' want to perform a multivariate analysis looking at risk factors for patient length of stay more than 3 days. For example I have: Operation type Operation findings Length of stay > 3 days weight type x finding a...
  8. J

    Regression analysis with nominal dependent variable

    Hello! In short: I'm having issues with figuring out a technique to measure how well does a categorical variable explain variation among a nominal variable, resulting in a simple numeric expression. More precisely. The dataset that I'm using contains individual level data on the...
  9. I'm-your-0

    I Need Help with Scale of Measurement

    I tend to over-think things, and there are multiple items within each part of an assignment I am doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :yup: Although I looked at a couple of websites, I am still confused about the "Alternate Uses Test." I need to identify it as a nominal, ordinal...
  10. A

    Comparing answers of a nominal variable- which test should I use?

    Hi, I have asked 64 participants what colour they preffer and I gave 4 possible answers: 1- black; 2 - blue; 3 -red; and 4- yellow. The scores were: 40 participants answered 1; 10 answered 2; 10 answered 3; and 4 participants answered 4. I want to know if there is an especific test that...
  11. C

    Comparing a continuous variable vs a continuous and a nominal

    Hi. I'm studying the effect of hummingbird feeders on the hummingbirds' pollinization function. We counted the amount of birds feeding on artificial feeders, and on the other side, we captured a number of birds and collected the pollen they carried, then categorized it in four levels (0 grains...
  12. 5

    Calculating with types of data

    Why can't one compute with values such as 'M(ale)/F(emale)'? Can't I keep a counter of how many males and females were at an event? Am I not 'calculating' then? So am I actually assigning a ratio value (counter) to a nominal value (M/F) if I do this?
  13. K

    SPSS significance test between two categorical variable and one nominal DV

    Hi experts, I have two IV: Gender + Age. Gender: Male, Female Age: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors DV: Appointment: 0 = no-show, 1 = show I already did a multivariate logistic regression between the IV's and the DV. They are significant with each other. ... Now what I want to do...
  14. J

    direction of association between nominal and ordinal variables

    Hello, I have a question about which test are appropriate to find direction of association between a nominal and an ordinal variable. I have 2 kinds of participants (A and B), each of them answered a few questions with an answer on a scale from 0-7. The sample size is quite small so I...
  15. M

    Urgent Help Please For Creating Relationship

    Hi Buddies :wave: Thanks for your upcoming help :) I have been trying to create relationship dependent scale which are (Positive, Neutral, Negative) = ( 1/ 0 / -1) and independent variable of 1 - 5. I would like to know how to evaluate impact of Independent variable on dependent variable...