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    I'm Confused Between Independent T-Test, Mann-Whitney And Chi Square Test?

    hello everyone, i need your help regarding these statistical tests since i'm not really big on stats. i want to know if there are any significant difference between the two groups in my study. i'm confused which statistical treatment i will be using. here's a little background on my study. i...
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    How can you prove normal distribution enough to use e.g. ANOVA not Kruskal Wallis?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to produce an automated framework for choosing hypothesis tests and carrying them out. I really am new to statistics so sorry if I'm asking really obvious questions, but I've tried for so long to find an answer and aren't getting anywhere. This also isn't homework help...
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    Justify the use of parametric tests on non normally distributed data

    Hello there. I have 5 Likert scale questionnaires that have been answered by the same people who have been randomly selected (N=24) and i have the following problem: I first test the data distribution of each scale in order to determine what statistical analysis tests should i employ...
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    Best Nonparametric test for nominal and continuos variables

    Hello everybody. I'm looking for the best test to find an association between two variables: - a test score (continuous, ranging from 0 to 100); - a yes or no binary variable (like, for instance, being clever or not) Variables are not normally distributed and their relation is not...
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    memory study - parametric or non parametric test

    Hello there, I've conducted a memory study which aim is to evaluate the effect of the spatial position of a visual object (left upper, left lower, right upper and right lower quadrant of the screen- independent variable) on its chance to be correctly recalled in 2 memory tasks: the first is an...
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    Measuring variation with percent data

    I'm working on a project where I have about 300 geographic units and each unit has 11-5000 people. There are five guidelines and each person can be compliant or non-compliant for each guideline. I have calculated a percent compliance for each guideline for each geographic unit. For example...
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    Unequal group sizes and chi square test of independence

    I began working on a project that compares birth outcomes of women in a case management program (n = 270) to the birth outcomes of the general population of delivered mothers in the state (n = 56,001). We were critiqued for testing with chi square for group differences on several birth outcomes...
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    Parametric or non-parametric test ?

    Dear the members of group. I have 2 questions regarding my research which has 8 variables in which 6 of them are normally distributed and the rest are not normally distributed. 1. Do I need to use parametric test for those 6 variables and non parametric test for the rest of two variables to...
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    [non normal Multiple sample comparison] analysis and error bars for medians

    Dear all, Background: Treatment applied to 10 groups of different sizes. Each group treated with a different concentration. Groups 9 and 10 are control/sham and represent the negative outcome. Samples in each group are independent. Group numbers vary from 12 to 4 (I cannot increase the...
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    different test for normality

    Hi, Can anybody give a brief description for different non-parametric tests of distributions (like normality)? what are differences between Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Lilifor and Shapiro-Walk tests for normality?
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    Alternative nonparametric test for chi-square test for independence

    Hello, suppose we have a table like this: and we want to know if wining or loosing depends on sex (male or female) apart from chi-square test for Independence, which non-parametric tests we can use? Thanks
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    ANOVA or Kruskal Wallis

    Dear Stats experts here... I have a question: I am counting cells in histology slides of certain timepoints after a treatment. day 0, day 1, day 5, day 10, day 20, day 30, day 60, day 90 for each time points I have 3 histology slides of three independent individuals. each...
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    Test for symmetry? [Please]

    (This was posted in a different sub-section of the forum, but has remained unanswered for over a month. I'm posting it here in the hopes of getting a respondent.) I'm doing a psychophysical study on motion direction estimation and the direction-dependence of the estimation errors. My current...
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    Test for symmetry - comparing multiple pairs of distributions?

    Hi all, I'm doing a psychophysical study on motion direction estimation and the direction-dependence of the estimation errors. My current problem is determining whether the perceptual bias of a motion direction is symmetrical around a cardinal direction. So what I have are: multiple...
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    Kruskal Wallis test and problem with zeros

    Hi. I am conducting a biological research about species abundance variations between different hours and localitions. I am comparing 11 different locations and 5 different hours. Independent variables are hour and locality. Dependent variables are abundances of each species found in...
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    Nonparametric multiple linear regression with SPSS

    Is there a way to conduct nonparametric multiple regression analysis using SPSS? If yes, can you provide some explanations on this regard. I have three IVs and one DV with nonparametric data from a Likert scale. I trying to identify if I can use the IVs to predict the DV. Also, I want to...
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    Hello, I need help in choosing a non parametric test. I have a questionaire of closed answer questions in a 4 point likert scale that has applied in two moments pre and post a writing session, on 6 times. The questions are indicators for diferent dimensions. So i decided do sum the values...
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    Effect size for Wilcoxon Signed Rank

    1) i want to calculate the effect size for wilcoxon signed rank (paired sample). I have one group of 10 participants. I know the formula for the effect size is Z/squaroot of N. My question is, does N refer to the numbe of participant (N=10) or should I multiply the number of participant...
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    2-Way Factorial, Non-Parametric, Repeated Measures test.

    Hi I've got data from a 2x2 fully factorial, repeated measures design. The residuals are non-normal so I am looking for non-parametric equivalent of the 2-way repeated measures ANOVA. I know there isn't one available from the SPSS menus, but has anyone got any SPSS syntax that can perform this...