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    Nonparametric Friedman test - repeated measures and repeated subjects

    Hi all, I would appreciate some advice on the most appropriate nonparametric test to evaluate the impact on some measures when subsampling my original datasets. Number of subjects: 9 Number of original datasets: 14 (some subjects have multiple sessions; 3 subjects have 2 sessions; 1 subject has...
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    Nonparametrics Help

    I work with non-human animals. So I am almost always limited to using nonparametrics, however my university does not teach it. For my thesis, I am have 4 subjects. They will be completing 3 tasks, Relevant1, Irrelevant, and Relevant2. Criterion is that they must achieve .85 accuracy over 120...
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    An alternative to Mardia-Watson-Wheeler uniform-scores test

    Dear all, this is my first post so please excuse any misunderstanding. I am working with nonparametric data and I was trying to apply a Mardia-Watson-Wheeler uniform-scores test to 2 or more different classes of data to check if they come from the same population. Unfortunately, some classes...
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    Choosing the right dataset

    Hi ! I need to choose a good dataset with at least two variables because I'll need to compare them by calculating measures of association, performing two-sample tests and maybe doing a nonparametric regression on R, ... Therefore, I was thinking about choosing a dataset about COVID 19 because...
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    Analysis in alcohol usage relapse

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    How to change the alpha level in SPSS?

    I have to do a Mann-Whitney U test in SPSS and it has to be alpha = 0.01, one-tailed. I know the default is 0.05, but I don't know how to change it to 0.01 in SPSS (for Mann-Whitney U test). Is it even possible?
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    Nonparametric data analysis

    I'm asking for advice. Topic of my research is brain iron accumulation. My task is the next . I have one dependent variable that is cathegorical and binominal(patient has the pathology or does not). And six independent variables that are continuous and nonpatametric. The question is :how can i...
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    One way ANOVA vs Kruskal Wallis

    Hi, I am comparing four groups (measurements of bone thickness and other bone parameters). The distributions are normal (Kolmogorov–Smirnov test) and variances equal between groups (Levenes test). I have 7 samples in each group. As I see from the literature this would call for a parametric...
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    Parametric vs. Nonparametric.

    Suppose a researcher estimated a parameter in parametric way with correct distributional assumption. Another researcher estimated the same parameter in non-parametric way. Will there any difference of accuracy (bias) in estimation in these two situations?
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    Analysing Limited Data

    Help! For my thesis I involuntary have a small dataset due to a limited population. I was thinking about analysing this data with the statistical model ANOVA, using non-parametric tests or Bayesian statistics. What do you think works best? Or are there any other methods/models/tests I can use...
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    Looking for appropriate non-parametric test for 5 dependent group & small sample size

    What is the most appropriate parametric test for repeated observations for multiple dependent groups.
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    Question about parametric and nonparametric tests and non-probability sampling

    I think I am pretty clear on the differences between parametric and nonparametric tests and which is more appropriate to use given the data you have collected. My question is about non-probability sampling and the use of the aforementioned tests. To my knowledge, both parametric and...
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    parametric or non-parametric in comparison of a dependent variable within several gro

    down vote favorite I am comparing maths and chemistry scores of students in several schools. I am not comparing the schools with each other. I am just trying to say that students do better in maths than in chemistry in all of the schools studied. So I am comparing the maths and chemistry...
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    Bootstrap strange estimate

    Hello everyone, I'm a statistical novice, I would like your help. I'm analyzing non-normally distributed variables. To develop the confidence interval I preferred to use non-parametric method: bootstrap. Unfortunately I get output biased estimates and standard errors high, even though I used a...
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    Nonparametric regression using kernel weights

    Hi! I am wondering how I can present the results of nonparametric regression. I performed the nonparametric tests using R, and R package 'np'. The commands used for this are ) Using the last command, 'npsigtest', I get results like this How do I present this data in a scientific...
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    Reporting results of nonparametric regression

    Hi! I am wondering how you present the results of non parametric regression test. I run the nonparametric regression using R, and the package np I get p- values but no df or t statistic. For example For the normal regression tests I did with other data, I presented the sample size, degrees...
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    How to do a post hoc analysis on non-parametric data in SAS

    Good morning! I know there is a statistically significant difference between groups for my non-parametric data-set but I'm not sure how to find where those differences lie between groups.. I'm comparing race/ethnicity (Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic, etc) by academic discipline (dental...
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    So my professor decided to write his own textbook, and we are finding errors everywhere, and it's difficult to understand, so I've tried google-ing and everywhere I go people are using different methods than the one he wants me to use here is an expample of what I am working with: 9. A...
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    one way anova or nonparametric?

    in the attached file you can see the results from a viability test after normalization. Each column represents a different kind of treatment and in the last one are the controls (without any treatment). Each group has 12 replicates. Im trying to find the significant differences of each group...
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    similarity between two random variables

    There have two random variables, each of which is of five dimension. One random variable tracks the data collected from one device. The other random variable represents the data collected from another device. I would like to see whether these two devices are replaceable with each other by...