odds ratio

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    Adjusted OR

    How to find adjusted OR as given in Table 6 in spss? The procedure followed to get it like i found binary logistic regression is used to find crude OR using single indep. variable.
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    Trying to understand and correlate the meaning of OR and p value in the univariate logistic regression

    Dear members, Just a newbie to statistics. Request your help with understanding this table below I have serious doubt in the results of statistics that I have done with regard to the odds ratio and p value that I obtained. My question is that how come that when the OR is low the p value is...
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    Choosing the appropriate confidence interval for an odds ratio

    Hello everyone. I conducted an odds ratio test with a certain software, and I'm not sure about which confidence interval (CI) to use. The 2x2 table consists the distribution of counts as follows, by each cell: a=26, b=21, c=12, d=2. The output of the results included the calculated OR, with the...
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    Odds ratio or other technique

    Hello, ( I have also posted in https://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/535284/odds-ratio-or-other-technique) Before I start I am not well versed in posting on forums so please be patient if I'm going against convention. Plus I am on a steep learning curve with statistics. I have been...
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    Are the sum values 'No' and 'Not informed' in the Odds Ratio analysis correct? See the example.

    In a hypothetical study I am trying to assess whether the presence of allergy is a risk factor for the presence of any virus. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied on which many individuals marked "yes" or "no" for the presence of allergy. Those who did not complete the questionnaire...
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    interpreting logistic regressions... odds ratios v probabilities

    Hi everyone! I am doing some analysis looking at various negative outcomes for children (child labour, begging, etc.) and comparing them with a range of households characteristics (child headed, large households, elderly headed households etc) The results show some interesting findings. For...
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    odds ratio

    I need have odds ratio values with CI for 3*2 categorical(age category[>20,20-40,>40] and smoking(smokers,nonsmokers). How to go about calculating the odd's ratio?
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    Ordinal logistic regression - how to calculate odds ratio?

    I am running ordinal logistic regression in SPSS. I would like to calculate odds ratios. What do I need to add to the syntax to obtain odds ratios? Currently my syntax looks like this: PLUM druguse WITH age yrsill BY Any_MH group /CRITERIA = CIN(95) DELTA(0) LCONVERGE(0) MXITER(100) MXSTEP(5)...
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    Odds Ratio to Probability of Success

    We ran a logistic regression model with Passing the certification exam (0 or 1) as an outcome. We found that one of the strongest predictors is the student's program GPA, the highest the program GPA, the highest the odds of passing the certification exam. Standardized GPA: p-value < .0001, B...
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    Can I calculate the % of people positive for an outcome from an odds ratio?

    Hi, Thanks for looking at my question. Background I am doing a systematic reveiw and metanalysis, essentially on diagnostic test accuracy and particularly on the accuracy of 'tests' alone or in combination. Some studies do not report sensitivity and specificity or the % or no. of people...
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    Data frame of results

    Hi all Suppose I have 10 different models as such: fit1.glm <- glm(admit ~ gre , data = dat, family = "binomial") fit2.glm <- glm(admit ~ gpa, data = dat, family = "binomial") fit3.glm <- glm(admit ~ rank, data = dat, family = "binomial") ... Suppose then, I want to form a data frame...
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    Odds ratio plot on log scale

    Greetings, I have had difficulties plotting results from GLM logit models to show up as odds ratios on a log scale. Ultimately I want to obtain estimates from different models and plot the results on one graph as shown here (https://www.ctspedia.org/do/view/CTSpedia/ClinAEGraph001). Do you...
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    unbalanced design in contingency table analysis. Is it a restriction?

    I conducted a research in to elucidate the biology a of an insect seed predator that infest seeds of a palm specie in cloud forest in Venezuela. I did collected seeds directly from the palm and seeds picked up from the forest floor in two localities. I want to know if differences exists between...
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    Question on Odds ratio

    Hi, I have a basic understanding of odds ratio. I can't figure out how to integrate the space S into my odds ratio equation. For the following figure: S has 23000 genes, (all genes) A has 751 genes and (condition1) B has 375 genes (condition2) How do I calculate the OR for A ∩...
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    Population specific odds ratio and subject specific odds ratio

    Hey guys, For a school assignment I have to compute the population specific odds ratio and the subject specific odds ratio from the table below. No GAD GAD Total No MDD 350 (93%) 26 376 (62.7%) MDD 153 71...
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    Multinomial regression: how to interpret results

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently writing my master's dissertation and i'm having two main issues. 1) The first one is related to the attached picture: as you can see, both the variables "deal value" and "N employees" are signicative, but the B and the Exp(B) are zero. This way they are not...
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    Large odds ratio in binary logistic regression/big scale difference of variables

    I'd like to ask for some help with a binary logistic regression. In SPSS I am building a binary logistic regression with 4 independent continuous variables(Sample size - 85). However, with one of the variables (Bicaudatus_index) I get a huge odds radio: I think that I know where the problem...
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    Author's interpretation of Odds Ratio and Confidence intervals

    Hi all, Having some difficulty understanding the results of this paper I am including in a review. It compares the effects of 3 interventions aimed at preventing HIV on couple's relationships. A multivariate logistic regression is used and effect estimates are given (which we are told are odds...
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    Please help interpret cross-sectional study results (odds ratio, relevant risk, etc.)

    I'm trying to help my wife with some statistics. She's looking to see if people with Removable Dentures (RD) have a higher prevalence of Combination Syndrome (CS). She did a cross-sectional study (survey) of 314 patients at her university. Of the 314 patients surveyed, 200 had Removable...
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    test of logistic regression constant

    Hello, everyone! I wonder whether anyone knows how can i intepret a coefficient of constant in logistic regression. I have used "logistic" in stata, so i got oddsratios. My constant is eqiual .0441026** Please help ! i googled it , but did not find anything.