one sample t test

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    One sample t test

    I have a population of 11 samples. Can I take the mean from 2 of those 11 samples and use a one sample t test to determine if the mean of the 2 samples differs from the 11 sample population? Is there a better method? Thank you
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    Multiple one-sample t-Tests and alpha inflation

    Hello everyone! I have a sample that can be divided into three groups. I now want to compare if any of the three groups differs from a given mean. I have thought about conducting multiple one-sample t Tests but I do not know if I need to correct for alpha? I am really not sure. On the one...
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    Can i use one sample t-test?

    Hi all Currently im doing a research to see how effective my results as compared to the mean value and standard deviation of previous study. Previous study had compared 2 different group using special tool, whereby 1group received the original material and the other group received the...