ordinal logistic reg

  1. L

    Ordinal logistic regression - how to calculate odds ratio?

    I am running ordinal logistic regression in SPSS. I would like to calculate odds ratios. What do I need to add to the syntax to obtain odds ratios? Currently my syntax looks like this: PLUM druguse WITH age yrsill BY Any_MH group /CRITERIA = CIN(95) DELTA(0) LCONVERGE(0) MXITER(100) MXSTEP(5)...
  2. A

    Ordinal logistic regression - How to get a single scoring function?

    Hi all, I'm running ordinal logistic regressions, with adjacent-category logits. The dependent variable has four ordered levels. So I have 3 logit equations, i.e. 3 linear predictors. I'm wondering whether it is possible to get a single scoring function by aggregation of the 3 linear...
  3. P

    Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression

    Hello, I'm studying about Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression. but I have trouble getting a book or reference that is related to it. does anyone know about reference from the Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression? thank you:)
  4. N

    Regression Using Likert Scales (Total Scores)

    I conducted a survey that consisted of 5 different likert scales. I totaled the scores for each scale. I would like to know if the total scores of 4 of the scales serve as predictors of the scores on the 5th scale. I am struggling to determine which regression method, if any, is most...
  5. K

    Ordinal logistic regression in R

    A week or so back, I asked a question about analysing some data I have that is a mix of contunous and catagorical variables, and ordinal logistic regression was recommended (by CowboyBear--thanks!). I've read up on it but I'm still having difficulty applying it in R, as is my wife who, unlike...
  6. LycianSage

    Effect Size measure for Ordinal Logistic Regression

    Hello friends, I am using "Ordinal Logistic Regression" for my dissertation research. I wanted to report the effect size but couldn't find definitive reference for reporting an effect size. I have found some papers stating that "Nagelkere's R square" is the effect size measure. Another states...