ordinary least squares

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    MMSE vs LSE

    title without abbreviations: minimum squared error, ordinary least square, minimum mean square, least square, mean squared I am trying to understand methods for point estimation and their hierarchy in an applied perspective I understand the concept of least squared error. I understand that...
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    Advice on OLS analysis

    Hello Everyone, I’m writing a paper on the relationship between weather on daily public bike share system usage. I’m looking for a bit of advice regarding the quality of my statistical analysis. I’m not sure if this is an acceptable post. If not, I deeply apologize. I’m a student of statistics...
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    Linear Models-Given three objects of unknown weight and a set of scales with one pan.

    Hi all, I am new to this and pure desperation is starting to set in. Below is my problem: Three objects with unknown weights are weighed on a set of scales in all possible combinations giving seven independent measurements (y_1,...,y_7). Each measurement includes a random error term, , with...