1. P

    Classification table for KNN method

    Hello i cannot see classification table after i conclude nearest neighbor analysis. All other classification methods do provide classification table but not KNN. Is it possible to show KNN classification table?
  2. N

    Question regarding RM ANOVA

    Dear readers, I have question about my Repeated measures output. I wanted to check for my hypothesis (whether Dutch, masculinized voices in men were more attractive then foreign, masculinized voices in men for a short-term relationship) a three-way interaction between...
  3. M

    Export output to excel

    Hello, I have a problem with exporting spss output to excel. I want to export data from binominal tests and logistic regression to excel in a certain format. For example the output: Category N Observed Prop. Test Prop. Exact Sig. (2-tailed) Gender Female 8 0,75 0,50...
  4. D

    SPSS Output

    Hello, I'm having trouble trying to get rid of something that has come up in my output, underneath intercept. I'm not sure what I entered to get it there. I have attached a picture of the outputs with/without.
  5. J

    AMOS Posterior Samples

    I am conducting Bayesian analyses in SPSS AMOS. Can someone please explain to me how to output a file containing the posterior samples? I have searched the User Guide and web and can't figure out how to do this.
  6. V

    Mixed ANOVA - How to interpret and write up results

    Hello everyone! I'm struggling with my first-ever data analysis using SPSS. I have conducted a mixed ANOVA using a total number of objects kept before and after an emotional prime as repeated measures and the condition (the prime - positive vs negative) as the between subjects factor. I have no...
  7. S

    Interpretation help for my negative binomial regression --> Testing for curviliniarit

    Hello everyone, I am a newby to that forum, so I hope my question is not redundant. I am currently sitting on my master thesis where I investigate which effect diversity in teams has on publications. Herefore, I have a dependent variable 'publications' which is a count variable. I have two...
  8. L

    Extract Values from Output in for loop

    Dear community, i am currently trying to extract the four parameters of a fitting output/call: This output will be generated around 5000 times. And i need the highlighted values in a seperate table. My for loop is: Thanks for any advice. Kind regards, Luca
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    Factor analysis

    Dear members, I have 20 questions (Likert 5-point), ultimately I want one variable: "affect". So I ran a factoranalysis, which gives me 4 components (rotated Varimax). Do I have to choose one of those components as my variable "affect", or can I combine those 4 components into one variable...
  10. P

    OMS OXML broken output, slow work

    Hello! I have SPSS 22 x64, and SAV file with about 400 cases. Syntax is FREQUENCIES VARIABLES=var01 var02 /ORDER=ANALYSIS. OMS /SELECT ALL /DESTINATION FORMAT=OXML OUTFILE="xmlout.xml". XML file appears with 0 size, than, after some time, it becomes bigger, but unfinished. For...
  11. K

    Need help interpreting random-effects output

    Attached is the output I received in Stata for my random-effects model. I have three time-invariant variables (WS, WRLURI, UA) and three time-varying variables (A_TP, A_GDP, A_E). I'm not sure how to 1) interpret the results of the regression and 2) interpret the results of the LM test for...
  12. F

    Interpretating poisson regression output correctly to wirte in results from R

    Hi. I've done a poisson regression on count data in r. I need to write up the results for it but have very little idea where to start because the p value shown are linked to the other variables. I've searched online and thought I was getting somewhere but I've seen so many contradictory...
  13. T

    R results interpretation??

    Hi all, First time poster and a novice with this stuff so please go easy! Although I would really appreciate some help. I have been given a model that looks at the relationship between two variables from 70s to 2014, it uses a deterministic time varying coefficient (DTVC) model weighted...
  14. R

    [Minitab] DOE Model Output vs. Actual Data

    I am running multiple 3 factor DOEs and each one of my model outputs fits very well, all above an 80% fit. The problem I am having is that when I plug our recorded values into my model for parameters x,y and z my model outputs a significantly different/unfeasible value when compared the the...
  15. T

    - stcox - Formatting of output

    When I run stcox on a dataset already stset, I get the output formatted like this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _t | Haz. Ratio Std. Err. z P>|z| [95% Conf. Interval]...
  16. S

    AMOS does not display TLI index or the

    Hi again, I have my AMOS output, and it gives me a number of options of goodness-of-fit tests. However, I read about a couple of them, and they are not displaying. Do i need to do something special to make it display the Tucker-Lewis Index value? There does not seem to be a display for the...
  17. A

    Binary Logistic Regression Output missing some Sig values

    I am running a Binary Logistic Regression on: - A numeric Fixed Factor as the dependent variable (two levels) - 3 numeric Fixed Factors as independent variables (two levels each) - 6 numeric Covariates as independent variables On my output, the Likelihood Ratio Tests table gives me...
  18. L

    2way ANOVA in SPSS- how to view interactions between both fixed factors?

    2 way ANOVA dependent variable and 2 fixed factors My output table gives me P values for the fixed factors separately but I cannot figure out how to view the stats on how both fixed factors interact together. Ex: 1st fixed factor=speed (3 speeds) 2nd fixed factor=substrate (3substrates)...
  19. D

    Generalised Linear Model in R

    Hello Talk Stats Members, I am having a little trouble with interpreting the output from my model can anyone give a helping hand. Ok so it is a Generalised Linear Model in RStudio. My outcome variable is either 0 or 1. Here is the output summary from my final model: Call...
  20. J

    Help please with system missing values

    Hi, This is related to my previous post..I'm using IBM SPSS statistics 20 and I have been struggling to perform Games-Howell tests on some of my data. I have just realised that I am getting problems with the frequency for that data set too so the two must be related which is when I discovered...