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    Probability of overlapping criteria

    What is the best statistical method to measure the probability of people fitting a certain criteria in my data overlapping with another criteria? I am tasked to display this in a column/bar chart for a simple display of the consequence of its selection on other relevant pots of data.
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    Comparing two groups and then the sub-groups (of the same)

    Hi I have four groups of variables A, B, C and D. The variables A and B also have (natural) sub-groups (say A1, A2, A3 and B1, B2 and B3). I want to compare them as follows: A - B - C - D (using ANOVA for 4 groups) A1 - B1 (using t test for two samples) A2 - B2 (using t test for two samples)...
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    Error bars don't overlap but aren't significantly diff. - interpretations/reasons?

    Hello all, I'm struggling to understand/interpret my graph and kruskal wallis test. Basically, I've created a bar graph which looks pretty good. There are 5 bars, each with error bars, and none of the error bars overlap. All of my 5 groups look significantly different. HOWEVER, when I do a...
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    Overlapping sample: t test with partial pairing??

    Hi - I've a work project that requires a stat test between Product A and Produce B performance ratings (On a scale of 1 to 5 how well did Product A / B perform?) We are treating the data as interval scaled. The samples partially overlap. e.g. Product A has n=500; Product B has n=500...
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    Looking for significance when taking overlap into account

    I am currently working on completing my dissertation. I am looking for a way to test for distinct but overlapping phases. I have run ANOVA's and used Games-Howell Post Hoc's to determine which phases show significant differences in their means. But, since the variable being used to compare means...
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    Address whether one overlap is significantly bigger that of another related overlap

    I could really use a hit as to which statistical test I need to use to address the following problem: I have three different species: A, B and C. I have compared the quantitative overlap (i.e. something that was measured and counted in all 3 species) of Species A and B, respectively, with...