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    Dealing with a strong ordering effect

    Hello, I'm conducting a study in which people have to judge a perceptual effect (by rating it on a 10 point continous scale). I have three levels of this effect and there are two different contexts. There was a first study in which the order of the effects was randomized, but not the...
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    Help needed with analyzing sensitivity to changes in Musical sounds

    Thank you so much for your advice in advance, I owe you a pint if you are in London! :) I am trying to analyze whether kids with autism are more sensitive to changes in timbre (tone color) than typical kids. Timbre research shows that we hear timbre in 3 dimensions: attack time (ATT), overall...
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    Not sure how to present data - 3D scatter?

    To help aid the reader of my thesis I want to present some perceptual data in a graph or table format, but am unsure what approach to use as I want to include 3 variables. - Viewing Distance - Stimuli Size - % Error. % error increases with viewing distance, but decreases with stimuli size...