phi coefficient

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    Which correlation coefficient is best suited to dichotomous variables (and why do my results feel intutiteivly wrong)

    I have collected data that shows the days on which I fasted and if those days resulted in weight-loss. Null hypothesis: There is no statistically significant relationship between fasting and weight loss. Data Analysis: 1 The chart (see way below) is a visual representation of my data. The...
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    Choosing appropriate statistics (please)

    Hi, I have an issue (mostly being clueless and trying to achieve more than I can), I am writing a page in Ruby on Rails for which I need to calculate the probability of two events being correlated (basically the likelihood of a trigger being the cause of a symptom, or since correlation doesn't...
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    Can Phi Coefficient be used as an effect size for Chi-Square Goodness of Fit tests?

    Flip a coin 100 times -> 48 H, 52 T Null - coin follows a specified distribution Run a chi-square goodness of fit test using 48, 52 and 50, 50 I get a high P-Value which tells me to accept the null (coin is fair). Why then is the Phi-Coefficient low (2%)...meaning that the association...