planned comparisons

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    One-way ANOVA and planned comparisons - HELP!

    Hi all, I'm currently running a Psychology experiment: the effect of background music on memory and mood. I will be using SPSS to conduct two one-way ANOVAs (music + mood / music + memory), w/ planned comparisons. However, I also want to see the effect of mood on memory but I don't know how...
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    Planned contrasts in Friedman's ANOVA

    Is it possible to investigate planned contrasts in Friedman's ANOVA or is it only possible to investigate pairwise comparisons? Thank you for your help!
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    planned comparisons - contrast coefficients - trends

    Hello! I’m going to conduct planned comparisons with contrast analysis in ANOVA. In particular I am interested in trend analysis. The problem is that I have n=11 groups and I suppose that my trend is quadratic. What are the contrast coefficients for 11 groups? Is there any universal...
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    ANOVA - Orthogonal Planned Comparisons

    We've been given this question on a sample exam paper. An experimenter is exploring the effects of two appetite suppressants in rats. Suppressant A induces mild nausea, while Suppressant B suppresses the sensation of hunger. Half the subjects receive a low dose of one suppressant, and half...
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    What is formula for calculating Simple Contrasts test for within-groups ANOVA?

    I need to be able to calculate long hand some Planned Comparison test for a Within-Groups ANOVA framework. I understand the most common tests in such a situation are "Contrasts" test including: Simple Contrasts, Repeated Contrasts, Deviation Contrasts, among other Contrasts test I assume that...
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    Is it ok to run some planned comparisons and some post hoc?

    Hello - I am a phd student in psychology and I would be very grateful for some advice about contrasts. I have conducted a naming experiment for which response time was the outcome measure. There were 2 groups (treatment v control) and 3 testing conditions (A, B and C). I ran a mixed 2 x 3...
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    NEED help with PLANNED COMPARISONS question please :)

    Ok so i have this question for uni. where i have to test the hypothesis that "Using a planned contrast approach, test the hypothesis that the following combined groups have equal means on the google_academic dependent variable: ‘primary’ combined with ‘high school’ versus ‘undergraduate’...