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    how to graph this (Numbers of Hospitalization vs. date_time)?

    I have a dataset in this format, and I want to make a graph based on this dataset with the time on the horizontal axis and the number of hospitalizations on the vertical axis, how do I write the command in Stata?
  2. D

    'Likert' package plotting

    Hi everyone I've been using the 'Likert' package for a while and find it pretty good. One thing I haven't been able to resolve is how to explicitly specific the order of the grouped variables. Specifically, I have grouped my data by two time periods (month 1 and month 2), and the default is...
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    GAMM plot??

    Hi everyone, I would like some help. I did a multilevel analysis using GAMM from mgcv package and plot the predict values with the confidence intervals. I read in a few foruns that the plot only use the fixed part from the equation to predict the values used in the plot. Could anyone knows...
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    While-loop (with an example)

    Hello! I am trying to understand the concepts of while-loops for programming, and was watching this tutorial on youtube. The example was given in Matlab (which I believe has a similar syntax to R): bal = 5000; year = 0; while bal<1000000 bal = 1.08*bal + 5000; year = year + 1; end...
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    Tomographic map of 3D data with a dimension described by probability distribution

    I have a three dimensional data set. Two first components are the exact values of(X,Y) and for the third dimension I have a probability attached to each point for each given value of z between (0,1.5). for example P(x0,y0,z0)=0.24 and the probability is not necessarily Gaussian, it can be...
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    Defining polygon coordinates with a predefined image and plotting in R

    I have an image and want to plot on specific rectangle-shaped parts of it. I would like to be able to easily specify the coordinates for these parts and take these coordinates into R for plotting. More specifically, I want to plot a heatmap on a store blueprint. Here is an example of the plot I...
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    interaction plot in logistic regression

    Dear All Hi I am Amir from Iran where we have no a well know psychologist especially in quantitative. I am working on a data with a dummy variable as dependent variable (BEH) and a continuous variable as independent variable (COP). Moreover I have a moderator variable that is continuous (Q3)...
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    Gam calculations on groups of data and modeling on an xyplot

    Hi there, I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem I have been having. I haven’t used R much so I am sorry if it is really obvious. I have a dataset that contains population values for certain years. In the dataset there are different ID groups with a number of years...
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    Scatter graph formatting help in R

    Hello all, I'm currently doing a project which I'm trying to use R with to get more familiar with it. I've run into a problem with scatter graphs. The one below, for example, shows the area of occurrence/occupancy of individual species within a genus of marine organism plotted against the...
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    Add dotcharts next to boxplots

    I've got all the box plots: boxplot( Daten$Gewicht~interaction(Daten$Dosis,Daten$Geschlecht, drop=TRUE), ylab="relative Nierengewichte", xlab="Dosisgruppen der beiden Geschlechter") and the points overlapping the box plots: points( Daten$Gewicht~interaction(Daten$Dosis,Daten$Geschlecht...
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    Modifying X axis

    Hi, I'm pretty new to R, and I have a question about plots. I've made a histogram about my data, but because i have very few data above 5, i grouped them all in '>5'. So I want my X axis like: 0 1 2 3 4 5 >5. Now I've got: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 and >5 is written 'under' the 6. This is the code...
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    Function Lines (error when used with fitted values of a truncated regression model)

    Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble with the function lines() in R. Here is an example of the code: <code> x=rnorm(100) y=10+2*x+pmax(x-0.5,0)+pmax(x-0.7,0) model=lm(y~x+pmax(x-0.5,0)+pmax(x-0.7,0)) plot(x,model$fitted.values) lines(x,model$fitted.values) </code> I want the function lines...
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    Producing plots where axis are to same scale

    Hello, I'm trying to produce a plot of topography, and I want distance (x) to be plotted to the same scale as elevation (y), so that n units on the x axis equal the same length as n units on the y axis. I've had a go as below: plot(Point,CElev, asp=1, type="l" )...