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    Probability Mass/Density Function

    Hi, I have a matrix of 24x15500 (time x no.of occurrences of an event). The number of occurrences is in the form of binary (0/1). I took the percentage of occurrence for each time, so I ended up getting the following 24x1 matrix. 1 0.999935612645676 1 0.994913399008435 0.973150473247054...
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    Random Variable of two other random variables. Confusion to the max!

    Here is the question at hand: I don't even know how to begin this question. I'm not looking for a complete solution per se but I don't even know where to begin. Suppose that X is a binomial random variable with parameters (m, θ) and Y is another binomial random variable with parameters (n...
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    Functions of Random Variable.

    Let X be exponential(lambda), and let Y=max(1,X). Find the cdf of Y. Also sketch the cdf. Suppose that X is discrete with pmf p(0)=p(1)=2p(2) (and zero otherwise). Find the pmf and cdf of X. How would you simulate the random variable X starting with U, a uniform[0,1] random variable? That is...