1. R

    Base R: add points() in a loop defined by group

    Dear all, I am looking for a way to generate different plots in base R with adding points and lines manually to the plot. Here is my sample data: xy <- data.frame(NAME=c("NAME1","NAME1","NAME2","NAME2"), X_START_YEAR=c(1984,1986,1899,1903)...
  2. R

    R: lines() and points() solution in multiple plots separated by groups

    I am relatively new to R and I am trying to do the following. I am looking for a way to generate single plots defined by group (based on the ID). My goal: Generally I am looking for a way to always plot row based points in the following pattern - starting point...
  3. M

    plot points that fall within an interest area

    I want to find which points fall within an interest area, and then plot only those points. Here is a basic example. install.packages("sp") #install package that allows usage of point in polygon library(sp) x <-1:10 y <- 1:10 #polygon is plotted as (1,1) (6,1) (6,5) (1,5) inIA <-...