post hoc tests

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    Post-hoc test interpretation

    Hi all, I'm struggling to understand my post hoc test, following a significant ANCOVA analysis. for some quick background, my study is on chronotype (whether you're a morning, evening or neither person) and how this links to impulsivity. ANCOVA found a significant main effect of chronotype on...
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    How to show in a simplify scientific way the post-hoc test of 4 variables involved, when 3 by 3 variables are significant?

    In a multi-factorial experiment involving 4 variables (species(2x), temperature(2x), nutrients(2x) and light(3x)), 3 by 3 variables, for example, "species", "temperature" and "nutrients" are significant instead of the expected significance of the 4 variables together. I end up with 12 post-hoc...
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    3 way ANOVA following it up

    This is quite simple question but im more simple :p I have DV and 3 IVs, each 2 levs. Making up example, lets say they are: DV=performance%, IV1=trial type (seeing, hearing) IV2=item type (target, distractor) IV3=confidence (high, low) Subjected to a 2x2x2 RM ANOVA in SPSS and i see no 3 way...
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    WHich post-hoc test?

    Hi - I am a stats novice trying to find my way through my masters research. I have results that show a statistically significant relationship between gender and 3 aspects of usability: learnability, desirability and credibility. My supervisor has asked me to report the post-hoc test, but i...
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    Scheffe test in Minitab it's possible? How?

    Hi members Why the Minitab program does not present the Scheffé test (of multiple comparisons of means) after the ANOVA test ... I have made a RM ANOVA and post it was looking for Scheffe test .... Surprise! It's not possible! Why? TIA Ivan
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    [SPSS - post hoc analysis and Logistic regression] When the result don't line up

    I'm a medical student doing his research interneship. We're currently investigating if there's a link between motoric and mental outcome and MRI imaging done on neonates. Im wondering if the post-hoc analysis I did in SPSS was the right way to do it. When inserting the data in SPSS, I...
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    Which test to use for three categories of frequency data?

    I have three categories of data (no change, uplisted, down listed). For each category I have a value for the frequency of occurrence. How do I compare these frequencies? It is essentially a one-way ANOVA type analysis that I want to do, but since the data are frequencies not means this test...
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    What follow-up tests for 3-way repeated measures ANOVA with no 3-way interaction?

    For a three-way repeated measures ANOVA: Do I use simple main effects syntax or just run t-tests in SPSS in my follow up analyses (pairwise comparisons?) for a non-significant three-way interaction, with 1 significant 2-way, and 3 significant main effects? I'm interested not just in the...
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    Approach to adjusting for multiple testing problem with multiple chi-square tests

    Hi, I work in a UK university. Each year finalist students take part in a National Student Survey responding to 30 questions on aspects of their experience on a five point likert scale, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and the convention is to report the percentage of...
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    Additional analysis of experimental data

    Hi All! I'm a student in computer science and I need some advice. I have a data set of a repeated measures design experiment with two independent variables (3 and 4 levels). As dependent variables I have yes/no answer and a walked distance for each combination of conditions. During the...
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    HELP! 4x2 Mixed Design ANOVA Post Hoc Tests

    Hi all, I'm a PhD student and for my most recent study I conducted a 4 (experimental condition) x 2 (emotion type) mixed design ANOVA with repeated measures on the last variable. I followed the steps in Andy Field's textbook and companion website, conducting and interpreting my results...
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    post hoc test for unequal sample size and variance

    Hi.I have a three way and two way significant interaction in ANOVA but the sample size and variance of each group is different. What post-hoc test can I use ? Due to unequal variance I had to rule out Tukey -Kramer test. Thanks:wave:
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    Comparing categorical data for a relationship - alternatives to a chi-square test?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, and I am very new to statistical testing, so I'm going to try to make this question as clear as possible (but please feel free to correct terminology, or ask for more clarification if I am missing information in my question). I am working with...
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    Bonferroni corrected comparisons v. post hoc tests

    I am running a 2 (gender) x 3 (condition) ANOVA. When I compare the results yielded by the compare main effects option with Bonferroni correction to the results given by post-hoc tests with Bonferroni correction, the results (p-values, estimated differences, CIs) differ. Can someone help me...