1. M

    Baye's in distributions

    I don't understand theta in the formula for the prior distribution. Isn't the prior (in this case) a normal distribution with some mju and zigma? What does theta mean?
  2. hlsmith

    Bayesian Posterior: SD = SE?

    I was curious if the standard deviation in a Bayesian posterior is equal to the standard error?
  3. N

    Posterior of a Lognormal Shape Parameter, in Terms of Prior Location & Shape

    I am setting up a Bayesian analysis using a lognormal distribution with skewed data. I want to estimate the "standard deviations" of samples taken from different bins, where sample-sizes available from some bins are very large, and others are very small. I have reliable prior information...
  4. N

    Finding Joint Posterior Density of Poisson and Exp?

    Hi, Some friends and I have been stuck on this bayesian stats question for five days now, please shed some light if you can :wave: We've tried to multiply the the Poisson posterior density and exponential posterior density together to produce a joint density, but we're told it's not correct :/...
  5. Y

    [Winbugs]great divergence between prior and posterior distribution in Winbugs

    Hi, I am new starter of Winbugs. I am trying to simulate exporting coefficients of land uses based on the measurements of water nutrients. The prior distribution (e0, e1,e2,e3,e4, and k) was set according to the references. the winbug code is as followed: model { for (i in 1:S) { for...
  6. J

    posterior distribution conditioned on a second parameter

    If you have 2 parameters a and b and a observed data set x, and wish to calculate the posterior distribution of a given b is the following true P(a|b,x) proportional to P(a,b| x) Where proportionality is in a. I had wrote this down somewhere but can't remember why or if it is right...
  7. J

    Multiple prioir/posterior distributions, with Data that depends on 2 of the variables

    Hi, I have 10 prior distributions one for each of theta1, theta2..... . The prior distribution for theta1 is Gamma(a1,b1), and the others are described similarly. Now I have an observation x, where X~Poisson(theta1 +theta2). I would like to get separate posterior distribution for theta1...
  8. S

    Approximate Bayesian Computation and joint posteriors

    Hi! I am performing Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) in phylogenetic research. I have a few questions for which I am looking for a useful answer (as I am a biologist, but not a statistician). (1) How can I combine the posterior distributions of several ABC runs? I need to calculate...