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    Categorical variable ; pre and post intervention

    Hi all, I really need help with this one. I am trying to see if my population change their alcohol habits between before and after an psychosocial intervention. We asked the participants : how many days per week do you consume alcohol ? a. Never b. 1 to 2 days per week c. 3 to 4 days per...
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    Comparing several means pre and post intervention - MANOVA?

    Hi, I am looking to analyse some data I have collected for a piece of research. I wanted to evaluate the impact of a Mindfulness intervention upon the participants ability to be Mindful, as well as their levels of depression, anxiety and stress. My directional hypotheses were that the...
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    Chi Square Test, Pre Post Study, Dichotomous Variables, Different Group Sizes

    Hi Everybody, I am a medical student. I am doing a Final Year Project (FYP) and need a little help. I must admit to being a novice statistican and apologise if this question is a little dumb. My FYP is a pre-post study (i.e. pre-intervention and post-intervention). Variables in my study...
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    Pre/Post Comparison of Percentages, Two Populations

    I would like assistance in selecting tests for two scenarios. I am simplifying a bit here, but basically I want to do a comparison of the percentage of patients who come in for a second appointment, comparing 2011 against 2012. 1) In the "Ideal" case, the two populations are separate. What...
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    Best Statistical Test for small sample size

    I am looking at changes in endotracheal tube cuff pressures pre and post subglottic suctioning. I have pre and post data for four different initial cuff pressures. So since I only really have eight values, is there a statistical test I can run to validate my data? Thanks in advance.