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    Does my predictor in my multiple regression have too many variables?

    So I am trying to work out what is the best predictor of a) awareness over environmental issues, b) concern over environmental issues and c) pro-environmental behaviour from a set of sociodemographics (eg. age bracket, political standing, location etc) measured using a survey. I am using a...
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    Logistic Regression model: a significant predicting variable with low sensitivity?

    Hi fellow forum members! Thank you in advance for your time! I used binary logistics regression (SPSS) to determine the relationship between ambient noise levels (a continuous variable on a logarithmic scale, dB) and a single dichotomous dependent variable ("yes" - 1- for whale positive...
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    Univariate vs Multivariate results

    Hi, Am I correct in assuming that if a variable was found to be good predictor in univariate analysis, it should also be found to be a good predictor in multivariate analysis as multivariate takes into account multiple variables including interaction terms. I am going through a research...
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    Factors influencing a nominal variable

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in this! I have a dataset set up with a variable, agreement (coded 0) or disagreement (1), for each case with several other possible factors in that agreement. These factors are continous or nominal in nature. My desire is to find which factor does...
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    Minimal set of new predictor variable(s) and added value to existing predictor

    Hi everyone, I am working on gene expression data for 15 genes and am supposed to derive a minimal predictive set of genes that can be used as a marker profile for disease progression. So far, I created Kaplan-Meier curves for all 15 candidates and performed tested for association with bad...
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    GLMM Predictor variables

    Hi all, I have a quick question regarding predictor variables in a GLMM analysis, a subject I am new to. I am running a study investigating multi-modal communication in primates. specifically, primate gestures that accompany vocalizations. I have measured the call rate, call duration...
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    Computing a spline for a linear regression in SPSS

    Hi everybody, is it possible to compute a spline for a predictor variable directly in SPSS or do I have to use another programm like R and then import the computed spline model? I then want to enter the spline variable (I know where the knot should be and I need only one knot) as a predictor...
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    Predictors in Logistic regression, SPSS

    Hello. I have the problem I can’t deal with. Maybe you can help me? You see, I have 2 samples in retrospective cohort study – cases (include 29 patients with an outcome) and control (328 without an outcome). As I’ve read due to the small amount of cases in logistic regression I can include...
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    Best Predictor

    Consider the following nonlinear regression equation y = aX^2 + u where a, B (beta) are constants, E(u|X) = 0, and X has a standard normal distrib. a) derive the best predictor of y given X b) derive E(y) c) derive Cov(X^2,u)