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    How to incorporate data from a previous trial

    Can I incorporate data from a previous trial in a new trial without any adjustment for bias (individual subject data)? If not, which is the best approach?
  2. Y

    [Winbugs]great divergence between prior and posterior distribution in Winbugs

    Hi, I am new starter of Winbugs. I am trying to simulate exporting coefficients of land uses based on the measurements of water nutrients. The prior distribution (e0, e1,e2,e3,e4, and k) was set according to the references. the winbug code is as followed: model { for (i in 1:S) { for...
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    Multiple prioir/posterior distributions, with Data that depends on 2 of the variables

    Hi, I have 10 prior distributions one for each of theta1, theta2..... . The prior distribution for theta1 is Gamma(a1,b1), and the others are described similarly. Now I have an observation x, where X~Poisson(theta1 +theta2). I would like to get separate posterior distribution for theta1...
  4. X

    How to interpret the density of a uniform prior (graph)?

    The graphs are found in the link attached. They are on slides 10, 12, and 13 (although, 12 and 13 should be the same graph, one is just coloured). What do the axes represent? What is the graph telling us?
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    Bayesian: Defining priors from *same* data set you're modeling

    I believe that it is inappropriate to define prior distributions based on the same data you will be analyzing with those priors. In other words, the priors should not come from the **same** data set (i.e., from descriptive stats, etc) that you are about to estimate a model for. Does anyone...
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    really urgent probability problem - is it bayesian?

    Hi, I have an urgent problem but I'm a little lost. Is this probability question referring to the use of Bayes' theorem? Firstly, I don't exactly understand what is meant by what is "the probability of the sample text". Does this mean we need to find P(I . O)? This is as far as I can...
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    Proper bayesian scaling of data

    I work as a Ph.D. student in structural bioinformatics, and build bayesian models for our data. It's been quite a while since I stumbled upon the problem I will expose, and it arises in a lot of cases in the modeling I do, regardless of the data source. I have the feeling it's due to my...