probability plot

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    Plot Multinomial Logistic Regression

    I am running multinomial logistic regression tests on my data and would like to create probability plots using the results. Does anyone have any recommendations/solutions on how to do this? I've attached a screenshot of some of my data if that is helpful. I'm testing the rating (helpfulness)...
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    Kernel Density Outlier Threshold

    Hi All, First of all, thanks for showing an interest in this thread, and secondly, if your so kind to give your thoughts, I'd be so grateful. Background - We work with financial bank statements for fraud investigation. - I have converted a bank statements debit transactions into a scatter...
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    probability plot analysis

    Hey guys. Would you say this probability plot shows normal distribution? I thought it did, because they all pretty much follow the line, or is that slight bit of difference enough to deem it not normal? Also when talking about the outlier of 4pin is that enough to deem it not normal...