probability question

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    What will be the Probability?

    If a treatment for cancer has 90% success rate, the remaining 10% die. If two patients come for treatment, what is the probability that one will die?
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    Probability of Getting a Hit

    I used to be very good with statistics. I minored in quantitative business analysis (majored in CMP SCI) but that was many years ago. Here's my question: if a batter is hitting .300 he has a 30% chance of getting a hit at any given at bat. If that batter gets up 4 times in a game the...
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    Help required for a probability question: Conditional probability

    If Flight A arrives at a random time between 9am and 11am, and Flight B arrives at a random time between 10am and 12am. What are the Odds that Flight A passanger can catch Flight B i.e Flight A arrives before Flight B? Why?
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    Conditional probability of an event given two independent events

    I am dealing with an interesting probability problem. I had 16 subjects randomly divided into 4 different rooms, each room having 4 seats. The subjects were given a question to solve. We knew from our prior experience that only 50% people could solve the problem. In our study, 7 of the 16 people...
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    Committee Combination

    Hi. I have used the below formulation of the problem. Kindly let me know whether I am correct or wrong. Q. "A condominium management committee has 11 members and wishes to divide into three committees with everyone serving on at least one committee, and no one serving on more than one...
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    Probability theory: The Quantum Measurement Problem

    There is a famous double-slit experiment in Quantum Mechanics that attempted to measure whether electrons and photons are comprised of particles or waves. The counter-intuitive result is that when no observation takes place of which “slit” electrons or photons pass through, then they act like...
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    Similar numbers in a data set

    Hi guys, I am looking at a programming problem here, and would like to "deduce" a formula out of my problem. I have an array of n (known) columns and two rows. I populate this array with number in a range (1 to n) let's say 1 to 5 for the example. 1 3 2 5 1 n 2 4 1 4 2 n What I...
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    sampling based upon probability of event occurrence

    I have a sampling and probability question. A sub-assembly is assembled from 2 parts, A and B. Both are molded parts that are molded with 8-cavity molds. When a lot of either is made, the lot is comprised of equal parts from each of the 8 cavities. For A and B, 20,000 parts are made of...
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    NEED HELP URGENT! Probability Question

    How can we arrange 10 boys and 15 girls in such way that no two boys are adjacent to each other? Please help math geniuses.
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    Conditional Probability Help.

    Helloooo Statisticians! I have a question that I believe I can solve but somehow I'm not getting the correct answer. So I'd really appreciate if anyone can point out my mistake for me. The question is: The grades of 1st year students were analysed. 70% of the top one quarter of the 1st year...
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    Normal probability question help

    Hello Statisticians! I would really really appreciate any help with this question: Q. The grade a student receives in an exam is given my a normal distribution with mean 3.5 and variance 1/16. 1. Find the probability the the student scores between 3.4 and 3.6 for an individual course...
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    Searching for statistical significance

    I need to answer this simple question in order to show that my experimental results are statistically significant. This is probably a very easy problem for the people here, albeit not for me because statistics is not my expertise. However, I do need the answer, badly! Out of a set of a total...
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    Probability calculation problem for a ranked set sample

    Let us consider a case where a ranked set sampling scheme from $n^2$ subjects has been adopted. There are a total of $n$ RSS blocks. So each RSS block contains $n$ subjects. We will follow up them. Some of these subjects will fulfill a certain criterion and get a treatment and some will not be...
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    Need help calculating some values to be used in a cost/risk analysis

    Hello, **If this is in the wrong forum, could someone tell me where it needs to be before removing it?**** I am needing some help calculating the possible profits I can make for producing certain amounts of 2 different products each month. (Modifying a basic jon boat and reselling it). The...
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    An interesting probability calculation problem

    Hello all! I'll be really glad if you respond to this question. I am working with an interesting probability calculation problem. In my problem there are ratings for 32 chess players. They are divided into two groups to form two chess teams in such a way that each team contains all types of...
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    please find me the probability

    In USA 100 mayors. 50 democratic and 50 republican, 60 men and 40 women, have taken part in a conference on the environment. Among the men, 25 are democratic. A: randomly selecting a mayor calculate the probability he is a man and a democratic. B: randomly selecting a mayor, calculate the...
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    Please help with probability question!

    A game consists of tossing two coins, first a dime and then a nickel. For each coin which comes up a head you win the value of the coin. For each coin which comes up a tail you get nothing. {HH,HT,TH,TT} - each outcome with probability .25 - winnings are 15,10,5,0 a) Find the mean or expected...
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    Lottery 'week intervals'

    This strikes me as an interesting (though potentially tricky) lottery question that I'm having trouble getting my head around. Many state lotteries provide 'ball history' tables on their websites listing each number and the draws that have elapsed since it last came out. Players then tend to...
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    Using R for statistics and probability need guidance.

    I am very confused on my statistics and probability class and i need some help im using the R program i understand a little bit but there are some problems that give me headache. Ex: Question: Suppose there are 10 students attending a class in the computer lab. Determine the probability that...
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    Statistics Final Exam Question

    Due to some gray area in a TA's grading, I am going to review my statistics final with my professor on Friday. There's some possibility of a grade change. One of the questions I'm most anxious about, the final question, went essentially like this: "Tommy finds a deck of cards, but he is not...