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    Process mediation

    Hello everyone I want to write a mediation model syntax via Process v4.0 in SPSS 27. However, my output keeps saying that I am using outdated syntax. Can someone help me how to solve this?
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    SPSS-PROCESS-HAYES Mediation-Model 84

    While HAYES offers guidelines on how select his basic models in SPSS (, I am trying to write the syntax for his Model 84 (picture below) I have 956 respondents, and my X (indep. var) has 4 cases. My solution: process...
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    Can I use Hayes' PROCESS macro for full mediation research models?

    Hi all, I got the advice to use Hayes' PROCESS macro through SPSS for my research model, specifically model 4 and model 7. However, these models represent partial mediation, while my research model is full mediation. Hence, I was wondering whether I can use them for my analysis. If so, do I...
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    Moderated Mediation Hayes PROCESS Model 7 Questions

    I am working through a dataset and have a few questions about some of the output: In a moderated mediation (Model 7), does the direct effect of X on Y need to be significant? (I know it's not required in mediations, but I'm not sure about moderated mediations)...
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    Three way interaction with Process (Hayes).

    I'm going to do a three way interaction in Spss with Process. And I was wondering if you guys could help me explain whats happening behind the scenes in Process? Preferably with some references so I can look at it myself. Thank you! The interaction looks like this: ..............M...
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    Mediation with PROCESS Macro - Dependent variables as covariates

    Hi there! I have a model with 3 IV, 2 mediators and 2 DV. With PROCESS macro in SPSS I want to test for mediation effects. PROCESS allows only one IV and one DV per analysis. Thus, I am aware when testing indirect effects for one IV, know all other IVs should be placed as covariates. However...
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    Mediation Analysis Multiple Independent and Dependent Variables with process tool

    Hi all, I am currently looking into the process tool by hayes. I have installed it and would like to have more than 1 independent and dependent variable. Is there any way to add more than one independent and dependent variable? The tool only allows 1 for each in spss. If not, can anyone...
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    Moderation at some levels of moderator but not in overall model

    Hello I have three continuous variables one of which I have hypothesised to be a moderator. In the overall regression model there is no significant result for the product of the IV and predicted moderator, R2 change = .00, F change (1, 118) = 0.46, p >.05. That is, there is no overall...
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    Mediation Output with Process

    Hi, I am investigating a variable for its effect as a mediator with SPSS and Process but I have problems interpreting the output. First I examined the following relationship: IV1 -> M -> DV My IV is not significant on M. But M is significant on my DV. So neither the total effect nor the...
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    moderation in SPSS vs. PROCESS

    Hi. I did mediation and moderation analysis of one model in 2 programs: SPSS and PROCESS (macro). Mediation was the same, but moderation was different in PROCESS. In SPSS both X and M were significant (p=.001), but in PROCESS significance of X lowered to .0077 and M became insignificant, while...
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    Moderated Mediation Model using PROCESS

    Hello, I am running a moderated mediation model using PROCESS macro in SPSS and a bit confused with the results. The interaction of IV and moderator on the mediation was significant. The index of moderated mediation was also significant. However, both of the conditional indirect effects...
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    Interpreting Mediation Output - Reporting non-existence of effect (Hayes PROCESS)

    Screenshot of Output attached! Hey all, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask for some help with regards to interpreting a mediation output, which I ran in SPSS using Hayes PROCESS macro. I am aware that the effect below suggests that there is no mediation because the indirect...
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    Mplus code for testing mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation type hypotheses

    79 different model configurations gradually being added here, with diagrams, equations/algebra for calculating effects, and Mplus code for testing conditional indirect and direct effects Enjoy!
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    PROCESS or regression?

    Hi, I am a bit confused about this problem. I would appreciate if i could get some help. Conduct the analysis necessary to answer the following question: There is a well-known positive relationship between number of hours spent self studying and marks. Previous research has thus...
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    Moderation Analysis through Process by Andrew Hayes and SPSS regression analysis

    Hello all, I need help analyzing some data for a moderation analysis. I have a continuous variable (predictor), Exhaustion, a continuous outcome, "Social Loafing" (coded 1, work alone, 2, work in a pair, or 3, work in a group--it's really an ordinal variable), and a continuous variable...
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    PROCESS plugin question (controlling for variables)

    I have a question regarding the PROCESS plugin for SPSS developed by Andrew F. Hayes. The analysis I'm running has one predictor, one outcome variable and 6 mediators (there are no interactions). For this analysis I want to control for 3 dummy variables that could have an influence on the...